Wedesday WoW! I’m about to be a 38 year old grandma!

My baby girl is pregnant! She hasn’t said anything yet, but that belly is get pretty big AND she’s always hungry! It never clicked to me why there were so many dogs hanging around in the street by our home. She’s too old for this kinda stuff! Of course 42 in dog years,isn’t that old, but you know what I mean.

Constellation Dog Star

Constellation Dog Star

I seen it coming! I frowned as I watched her sniffing up in this short dogs face from the neighborhood. I called her back to the house and locked her up but shucks, that didn’t last long. She cried and my husband set our 4 legged hairy Houdini free again. As if our fenced back yard  isn’t enough running space for her.

Omg! I have no coverage for her. What am I gonna do?  Maybe I’m over reacting….. maybe not. Either way, Star is now a single mother.

Our dog, "Star"

Our dog, “Star”

I’m a mom and doula, but this is different!  A million things are running through my head. OMG! Should I be changing her diet? Should I let her back in the house? What am I gonna do with her babies?  Who is the daddy? How much longer does she have? Where will she deliver? Oh lord, my girl is promiscuous!!!!! That’s why she always want beef jerkies from 7-11. 

After this is over, I’m getting this “B” fixed. Who want’s a puppy?

Great dog pregnancy tips here.

Breeding & Pregnancy Guide

Find your dogs age here

Labor and Delivery 

Do it yourself whelping box 

All this reading and research has given me a headache! What a lesson to have learned. Where was the Chlorophyll when I needed it? 

~QC Supermom

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