9 reasons to have 9 children

First off, let me say this: Nine children is not the best idea for everyone! Some days I wonder if I am sane for having so many children. Then I wake up, look at them and get reassured that yes, I was born for this. Here’s why. 130201-065653


” How can you say there are too many children? That is like saying there are too many flowers. (Mother Teresa)”


9 reasons to have 9 kids

1. You can never hear “I love you mom!” enough and know that it’s 100% meaningful.

2. I’ll always have (another female) to share a spa date with, even if I have to cover the bill.

3.Someone to always share your interest’s with. While doing so, you maybe helping them find their calling….. or not! At least they will have a skill set. 

Moms must have a sense of humor to survive. :)

Moms must have a sense of humor to survive. 🙂

4. You can start a business and have enough staff to work all positions, and will practically guarantee low turnover. Total win! Responsibility will be learned if nothing else. 

5.Someone to get in trouble with. There will always be that one child that makes being naughty so much fun. My son encourages me to eat naughty food with pride.

6.Children makes life matter. There will be 9 reasons to behave and do your very best for and by them.  I no longer park in the handicap space for quick trips to the grocery store.

7. Someone to always play basketball/flag ball or start a band with. What a way to guarantee exercise right?


8. Someone’s always there to listen, challenge you, disobey anyway. Then come back and say that you were right all along. This part comes with wisdom. If you haven’t gotten there yet, just wait it’s coming.

9. If you garden, you’ll have enough help to grow your own food or at least most of it. You can’t be upset with Monsanto. So we can beat them! Many hands make the work light.

10. BONUS~ When your children grow up and move away to other states, you’ll never have to pay for hotel stays again on choice. cooking with kids show

Word on the web is there is a lady questioning the substance of being married and have children. I won’t give her much shine on this topic. But I will say this. Being the mother of 9/ 8 living productive child, that is either in college or being home-schooled is a rewarding  success. My husband is a military veteran. He challenges me on a daily basis. But guess what, I love it. I know that he loves our huge family, me and our life. It’s because of this love, value and Queen City Stay At Home Moms that I am  a happy, well balanced mom. And for the record, to be able to do all of this proves that there is a god that has a great sense of humor.  

In a big family the first child is kind of like the first pancake. If it’s not perfect, that’s okay, there are a lot more coming along. Antonin Scalia

Love the children, no matter how many you have! Create them GREAT!

~ QC Supermommama

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