Friday Four: Home Depot Loves Me!

I have been in love with Home Depot for so many years! I was a bit apprehensive about sharing them with the world. The last thing I need is for them to start charging for everything they do. But hey, the light in me can’t possibly get dimmer by sharing right? So, here you go. Four reasons why Home Depot loves me!


1. Wedding savior – When we got married I was determined to get me a 3 tier cake table. My husband thought I was going over board. So he didn’t want to build it. I was so proud of myself walking in the house after a trip to Home Depot. I purchased everything I needed to build it myself! You just can’t pick that up on isle nine at those other places!

2. They empower me! Free Do It Herself WorkShops – They are AWESOME! Sometimes, they’ll even feed you while you learn. (I’ve missed too many of these)  These 90 min or so workshops are a prefect reason to leave the house. RSVP here for the next one. homedepot3

3. They teach my children how to use their motor skills. . Free Kids Workshops -I take my sons and daughters. The kids get to hammer, glue, and paint a wooden project. It might sound like a bad idea to turn a group of 3-14 year olds loose with hammers, nails and paint, but it always work out with unique project and big smiles!.  Find out where they are here!

4. They are heroes! They turned 26 of their stores into shelters on Tuesday night during the Snow Storm. As well as Chick-Fil A and other incredible business. They really stepped up for those in need. It was a mess and surly one for the books. I was so proud to be able to share these moments with my children.You’ll just have to read THIS article to find out the details. HD

This Saturday, we will be having a surprise birthday party for my 5 year old. Guess what? It will be free! I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again, we use Christmas time to serve others. They get no gifts from us. However, birthdays, we love to acknowledge them! We’ve already lost a child so without a doubt, we look forward to putting a smile on their face. It’s an honor for us too. We are thrilled to have them another year. car hdCollages hdBeing able to secure an affordable and family friendly venues is a must. So happy to have Home Depot here. We’ll here in Charlotte there are 10 locations.

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Grab Great Ideas here: The Apron Blog by Home Depot (

See, I told you that Home Depot Loves me! And yes, they love you too!



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