Welcome To The World Baby!

I had one baby shower hosted by my oldest sister, at Club 26. It was the community party place during the 90’s. A few of my classmates were there, my friends from the community, even a few church folks and of course folks that just wandered in. My sister had everyone record greetings and well wishes for me.

It was great!

Years later we had a ” Welcome To The World” ceremony. It was a celebration of birth, but more intimate, inclusive and spiritual.

To this day, I still don’t recall what influenced me to have one, as no one else I ever knew had done it before. Yet, the more I researched it, the more I knew it was the right for our family.

Eaim was born during a very stressful time. We had just lost Mia and all of our previous births, after my 1st born, were girls. So I didn’t know what we were having.The children and I had a church family, but my husband would rather study religion at home.

GENERAL Welcome to The World Content

  • For a newborn baby there will usually be a naming, which identifies the child as a unique individual. Often, the meaning of the name is explained.
  • The family and the community welcome newborn and accept joint
    responsibility for raising it. (This is done various ways)
  • As part of the ceremony, items used in everyday life are presented to the child as symbolic gifts.
  • Participants can each write a message in a book for the child to read in later years
  • A tree can be planted that will grown along with the present symbolic gifts as keepsakes
  • Ends with a very sweet moment. Dad raise newborn in the air to introduce him by name to the ancestors and community. (I fell BACK in love w/my husband right then & there!)
  • A feast, and maybe dancing will be enjoyed.

I planned Eaim’s. It was a genuine Baby Naming Ceremony. This guy left the hospital without a name. It freaked our family out! We selected his name 2 months later, and officially registered him 9 months after that.

I know a few friends who are not religious and feel unsure about how they can celebrate their newborn’s birth. It’s difficult when you attend baby showers, baptisms, etc. for other people’s children and feel that you or your child may have missed out on something just because you don’t wish to celebrate in a religious way. If that’s you or a loved one, listen up. There are so many options out there.Find one that works for you. Our favorite happens to be straight from the motherland.  I would love to officiate one soon.

I think I have my first guinea pig client . She is a new member of my

mom’s group. Can you say super excited? See you around!


This link shares details most like mine was actually done.

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