For Sinners Only

Our mayor had an awful day today! Somehow my children and I did too! The last thing I thought I would see this morning while at a clients office, would be an breaking new report about him. How in the world does something like this sit for 4 years and for such small  of a reward? ( I’m just saying- that was small change) He couldn’t possibly be that reckless.  BUT FOR ALL due respect……. I digress. That is not what this post is about. And please, let’s be clear that allegations/charges or his resignation are not an symbol of guilt. Mixed reactions are expected at this time and big issues ahead without doubt. However, this article, alone I found interesting. Seems it’s a new trend going on.

My children and I proudly worked his campaign. We celebrated at each major milestone.We even have the T-shirts “Vote Cannon” for bragging rights. As part of the girls home school lesson, they had to research politics, how bills becomes laws and how does politics effect different families. Oh,we just had a ball with the campaigning process.

Overtime my girls and I grew to love the Cannon Family.

Trina Cannon

Trina Cannon

Well as just about everyone knows now, he was arrested and released today. So the lessons continues. They are learning to be independent thinkers. Inspite of what I may think, I encouraged the girls to reserve their media induced ideas. Instead to wait untill they have received more evidence and then make an intelligent decision.

Cassie and Mayor Cannon

Deeyda and Mayor Cannon

I guess as a mom, you see how young children look up to a person like Patrick Cannon and see hope. I don’t want them to ever loose that.

Here’s photos from the  Cannon journey to the Mayor’s office. Cannon’s Election journey & Watch Party 2013

Look at the way that little girl looks up to him. Can you say accountability?

Look at the way that little girl looks up to him. Can you say accountability?

I hope those beautiful children of his are protected and not bound to the harmful acts of others during this time.

I pray that his wife Trina, continues to support her husband.

I want to say to Cannon, I wasn’t there. I don’t have a heaven or hell to put you in. I wish you nothing but the best in your future. Thank you for the life lesson I’ve shared with my children. I heard them making impressive comments about the case. It has them thinking, so that’s a wonderful thing.

He resigned and I think it was the best decision for the City. My husband says that he should stand his ground. He says that it happens very often in that “playground of politics.” -Whatever! I can’t. I won’t and I aint going to jump on the “Put A Fork In Him” go cart.  In the end, only one person can judge him.As parents it’s our place to raise our children into mighty, productive and ethical leaders, and to show them all the beauty and strength they posses inside.

Sitting on the fence with a pocket filled with hope,

QC Supermom


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