Friday Four: Family Award Night

Okay. I’m odd and I know it! But these ideas come in my head for a reason. I want to begin a new family tradition. “Family Awards Night.” We award each family member an award that  has been voted by each family member. Medallions, ceremony and all! The goal is to find fun ways to help them develop a skill set that will help them be successful as adults. I promise you  they aren’t looked upon as lab rats.  Instead it’s a purposeful way of parenting.If it works in schools and on the job, why not here in our homeschooling home? My children may not run to me after a school ceremony with a hand full of silk ribbons, striking a pose, but they will a just as happy if not more!

Strategies for success begins NOW!

Strategies for success begins NOW!

If I’m lucky, we will not only have a house full of grinning, we’ll also have theses 4 goals marked out; 

1. Teach them how awesome they are as an individuals.

2. How wonderful their siblings are.

3. We’ll emphasis the importance of being their best even when we are around.

4. Maybe even find out something new about them……. by accident.

r~The Pressley- Perkins Award List~

  • Most helpful.            Requirements: Looking out for older, weaker, shorter, busiest,
  •  Best with money.   Requirements: Saved and invested wisely.  Has great record
  •  Best Entertainer Award.  Requirements: See this a a way of getting them to exercise and use their critical thinking skills in moderation. It could go bad real fast with this one.
  •  Best Chef Award.  Requirements: healthy, affordable,yummy and creative. This will help reinforce what a health plate looks like.
  •  Most Resourceful Award.   Requirements: This child would be the one to solve the most issues. save us money, time and frustration by recycling, asking the right questions and doing what needs to be done with in their ability.
  •  Ms/Mr Respectful Award.   Requirements: Let me say that my children remember their manners well. HOWEVER…… those little boys of mine don’t always remember to use them. This will go to the child that show manner and respect the most when we are not around. I would ask my community to be the judges of this. I think it would benefit everyone they come in contact with, since anyone could be watching.
  • The Reader Roo Award.  Requirements: Right now one daughter loves to read. Hopefully this would encourage the others to read up.
  •  All around Most Improved Award.  Requirements: They should all get this one. Because all of them will make great efforts to get this.
  •  Best Parent Award.                      Requirements: We have thick skin. So no worries here. The goal would be to work on our parenting skills as needed.
  • Best Child Award. No one will win this one. We will use this one as a tool to see what we need to work on as parents.

Since there is a plethora of Dollar stores and online award forms to down loads for free, this should be pretty simple to do. Not bad huh? Try it. Let me know what you think. I can’t wait to get started.

FREE Award Makers: 100_2815 (1)


SEN learning materials


Certificate Magic


Billy Bear 4 kids

 123 Certificates  

In Competition with Oneself,

QC Supermom



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