4.15.14 Deadlines and what to do if you need more time.

Twas the night before 2 Federal deadlines, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
The Form 4686 and get covered America  applications were hung by the Kava Kava plant with care,
In hopes that the Federal Supermom Fairy would soon appear.


Poof!  Get busy!

Poof! Get busy!

You wouldn’t believe how many people procrastinate in getting important business taken care of. I can raise my hand to that as well. I am a last minute type of mama at times. But not this year, with a few nudges, sand, ocean water and yes my crew of 6 (of 9) children and one husband, I’ve done pretty remarkable this year.  I hate to burst your bubble, There is no Federal Supermom Fairy to help you. Time to buckle down and get busy!

with Noah

Many people who tried to sign up before the deadline had trouble completing their application. The good news is that a special grace period might allow those people to get covered. This grace period ends on 4. 15. 2014. Do you need it? How would you penalized? How to get covered? (See it all here)  gc

Don’t waste another minute — see if you qualify for the grace period today.

If you miss it. Well get ready to pay. It may be a little, it may be a lot. But you will pay. UNLESS YOU  aren’t required to get covered, change jobs, or have a baby. Or you could wait till the next enrollment.

So you haven’t file your 2013 IRS and State taxes yet?

Quick! Fill this form out and send it in before the clock hits midnight!  15

IRS Application To File An Automatic Extension for IRS Federal Income Tax  You can type your answers right on the screen and instantly submit or print it to send out later. That will give you six-months more to complete your tax form. If you owe, think again. you are better off going on and filing them. Not that you’ll have a high chance of getting audited this year, but because you don’t want to get penalized ( interest fees-half a percent each month or higher) years later for not filing on time. 

If you don’t do anything, they’ll create a tax return for you. If all you get are 1099 or W-2 and they don’t get a return from you, they’ll create a return without a deduction. You get the standard deduction and then they’ll send you a bill.”

No one like that- trust me!

You might have to pay a fine if you don’t get covered before midnight Eastern on April 15th. I bet you can think of better ways to spend your money.Not that it’ll be a huge fine on either deadline. But why take the risk? You and your loved ones deserve coverage and maybe a little reserve funds to invested, build with that you may get from a tax refund.


Stressing won’t fix a thing , so no need for that. Here’s a little incentive for you, After you handle your business, give yourself a virtual pat on the back with any of these Tax Day Only treats! Choose one or all from “My Most Favorite Things collection:

Hard Rock Cafe. This year, on Tax Day, Hard Rock Cafe is cutting Americans a break across the country by asking them to lay down their wallets and pick up the mic! Warm up those vocal cords as Hard Rock Cafe opens up its stages to give fans a chance to “Sing for Their Supper” on Tuesday, April 15, 2014. On Tax Day, guests will have the opportunity to select their favorite song and take the stage to perform at their local Hard Rock Cafe. Guests who perform a complete song on their Hard Rock Cafe’s live music stage in front of the entire restaurant will receive a free dinner entrée from Hard Rock’s new menu. Singers can choose from a selection of new menu items and classic Hard Rock favorites, including the Grilled Vegetable Sandwich, Arugula Salad with Shaved Marinated Chicken, Legendary Big Cheese Burger (or Veggie Burger), or Chicken Sandwich as their free meal.

Office Depot. You can print special Office Depot coupons can shred up to 5 pounds of papers between now and April 29.

MyCorporation. MyCorporation is running an “Incorporate or Form an LLC for FREE on Tax Day” promotion. On a day when business owners and entrepreneurs are having to send in tax payments, this is a great way to offer business owners some ‘relief’ from our document processing fees. The promo is good for all 50 states – any state a business owner wants to incorporate in, the fees will be waived.

Please note that these specials are based on information passed along from companies and their representatives, as well as social media. While I’ve made every effort to make sure that they’re accurate, I haven’t been by each location so I can’t vouch for all of them. Remember, too, that many of these companies are franchises and may have different promotions or may not participate at all. If you’re concerned, give a quick call – or tweet – before you show up.

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