Friday Four: My 1st 5k foam fest

I will be completing my very first organized run ever this Saturday! The foam run is called 5k Foam Fest.  I was so apprehensive about participating because I haven’t worked out in 7 years and I did not want to be “the very last one.” But I couldn’t disappoint my daughters. They won the ticket for me downtown from a vendor at “Alive After Five”  (It’s a weekly festivity held at the Epicenter in Charlotte, NC.

First things first. The “K” stands for kilometer. A kilometer is 0.62 of a mile, which makes a 5K race 3.1 miles long. I did not know that until the day I won the pass 7 days ago. 

cry sweat

In less than 10 hours I will be an official Foamlethe! (yes, it’s a real word)


Pre-Run Routine

Before you start a run, you need a good warm-up routine, which includes dynamic stretching to get the blood flowing. Leave the static stretching for the post-run routine. Dynamic stretching includes walking lunges, butt kicks, high knees and toy soldiers—straight-leg kicks that stretch the hamstrings. Dynamic stretching will increase your flexibility and help prevent injuries by strengthening your muscles and joints. After doing some dynamic stretching, walk briskly for five minutes, then speed up to a comfortable jogging or running pace.  -fitness people

My top tips for surviving your 1st 5k with very little training.

Know that there will be people who will finish before and after you. Be there for yourself. This fun run is a promise to myself to make fitness fun. 

1. Just up and walk 3 miles.Shoot for everyday if you only have a short time to train.Try this cute it


2.Load up on good food. Good food choices will get you where you want to go thy say. Blueberries,Low-fat Plain Yogurt, Rolled Oats,Lentil Soup, Bananas,Whole Wheat Pasta,Oranges, Foods to Avoid: Steer clear of sugared soft drinks, processed grains (white bread), french fries, pastries, scones, sugared cereals, syrup, whipped cream, chips and movie popcorn.
If you need a carb-packed energy-booster before an afternoon run, it’s hard to go wrong with a banana. A bonus: Bananas contain loads of potassium, which regulates blood pressure and reduces the risk of stroke.
Using a food diary may help with your planning at home or while away. What is really important that you drink plenty of water throughout the day. eat th

3. Take a friend or partner. I’m taking my son. Mom and son training walk  He is an athlete 2nd, and my son 1st., So I know that he will want to hang with his mom, but I released him from having to stay with me during the run. If you’re running with a friend, figure that out early on. Knowing this will ensure no ones feeling being hurt. It’s just a great strategy to avoid conflicts, criticizing, or other disappointment.

4.There is no shame in walking. Some people run; some people walk. I wun. If the feeling hits to pick it up a tad bit, do it! I will find people closer to the pace I’m at so we can support each other.

My trainer,and 1st born  Keithric Pressley said that a 5K is long enough to challenge you, but not so far that you’ll become discouraged. At 3.1 miles, a 5K is a very doable running distance. …… We’ll see! I’ll be sharing photos in Monday’s post. 


QC Supermom

5k Foam Fest FAQ’s

Good food choices

Running Tips

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