You may have a Child Genius and don’t even know it

My baby girl is an introvert. She’s the weird one. She’s the highly sensitive one. Why didn’t I take my prenatal vitamins? Why can’t she be more like me or at least her dad? How can I help her make friends? YES, all of this has been running through my mind for months now.

Although we love her dearly, we had to get her social skills up to par. Even though Ashley (family) tried to get me to scale back on her. In my mind I just had to fix her; fix this so society wouldn’t hurt her.

happy cassieWe planned a joint birthday party for our teen girls. One of our daughter’s have an abundance of acquaintances to mingle with, but “D4” didn’t. It led me to change the event into a family cookout. What can I say, our job as mom is to build our children self esteem. Needless to say, I was feeling like a pure failure – for all of three days.

On Friday,I opened my email to an unexpected invite. There was a British Production Company looking for genius kids for a new season. I felt intrigued to take all of the eligible kids. I figured that I’d let the producers pick through them. Surely, at least one of them would be a genius. 🙂

Fast forwarding- they selected “D4”. She did extremely well. (Yes, it surprised me too.) Since I wrote this, “D4” has made the 2nd round of interviews and I’ve learned how to nurture her more positively. Sounds like a win already!!!!!

Per Child Genius:

The characteristics of gifted children

Very often parents are the first to recognize that their child is bright for his or her age, identifying characteristics in their child which are common to many gifted children including:

• Reasons well and learns rapidly

• Has extensive vocabulary and talked early

• Early or avid reader

• Asks lots of questions and learns more quickly than others

• Has a very retentive memory

• Is extremely curious and can concentrate for long periods on subjects of interest

• Perseverant in their interests

• Has a wide general knowledge and interest in the world

• Enjoys problem-solving, often missing out the intermediate stages in an argument and making original connections

• Has an unusual and vivid imagination

• Is intense and shows strong feelings and opinions

• Concerned with justice and fairness

• Has an odd sense of humour

• Sets high standards and is a perfectionist

• Loses interest when asked to do more of the same

• Is sensitive (feelings hurt easily)

• Shows compassion and is morally sensitive

• Has a high degree of energy

• Prefers older companions or adults

• Judgement mature for age at times

• Is a keen observer

• Is highly creative

• Tends to question authority

• Has facility with numbers

• Extremely good at jigsaw puzzles

Get more details here!


Sounds like a sure fit here, I’ll keep ya’ll updated! If any of these pointers sound like your child don’t label them or go crazy as I did. Nurture them,


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