Mission: A Fit Mom

      All for the pursuit of    "thickness"

All for the pursuit of “thickness”

All I want is to get back to the size I was. I was perfect but thought that I  was large. UUUgh. oh well. instead of just dreaming about it,I’m actually doing some thing about it, with my children in tow. Here’s how I do it with my children.  Yes, I’m putting it out there. I will loose 50 lbs by December 2014. Below is my before picture. I’ll come back to this post and update my after, so stick around. I will also post the tools that I’ve found to be the most helpful along the way, So here’s what I’m doing right now.

  • MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS, and FRIDAYS- I walk 3 miles with my 21 year old.

    My 1st 5K. Completed with my oldest son in tow!

    My 1st 5K. Completed with my oldest son in tow!

  • TUESDAYS, THURSDAYS, AND SATURDAYS- I make myself go outside to play with the boys and play games like boccie, tag and water play fight with natural food coloring. Our dog ‘Star’makes it even more fun.
  • SUNDAYS,I do nothing. I even sleep in late since most nights I go to bed at 2:am and get up around 7:30am. Don’t get envious, it took me a while to get my husband to the point,  not to waking me up when he wakes up. By the time I get up, the youngest baby is changed and he and our 3yr old has had their morning Joe (juice)
          Yes We DO!     (Charlotte NC )

Yes We DO! (Charlotte NC )

I have fallen in love with Black Girls Run.

Started in 2009 by sorority sisters Toni Carey and Ashley Hicks, the mission of Black Girls Run! is to encourage African-American women to make fitness and healthy living a priority.  The group has grown into a nationwide movement for women of color to start getting serious about their health and “Preserve the Sexy”.

The beauty of Black Girls Run! is there are a variety of fitness levels participating, each supporting one another in their fitness goals. So you don’t have to run fast or far; you don’t even have to run at all! Many walkers participate with the group working their way up to running.Ouch, I workout

In Charlotte they offer a couple of groups and running/woging times. I just haven’t been able to get up at 5:15 am to meet them for the first thing in the morning run at 6 am. And don’t like to do too much exercising in the evening, with the 6pm group. But they are a growing and powerful group of ladies that is building more runners than any other group in the QC.

I promise myself to be more conscious of what what I eat too! My family eat great, but I will sneak snack in my purse to eat once their back is turned. This Pinterest board was built to help me quickly fix my binge and need for quick, clean, healthy and yummy GMO free meals. See it here. Here’s one, you like?

Whole wheat pizza

Whole wheat pizza

One of the benefits to having so many children is the joy in having mini chefs at my beckon call. My 14yr old loves to cook. My 15 yr olds loves to saute* and my 21 year old loves to grill! Yay me!

Well, it’s 4:00 am. I must hit the hay. My walk is in 3 hours.I'm gonna need a hug come Sunday!


QC Supermom



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