How To Train A Dragon 2: The Supermom version

TeHun, my lil dragon

TeHun, my lil dragon

Last week, we went to see “How To Train A Dragon” at the Mint Museum in Charlotte. We were so excited because watching it on the lawn made it a special treat. To me it was important to see part one before seeing part two this week.

Training my 5 sons proved that it is possible. So I wanted to know if they could do the same. Could my 5 sons train dragons?  A quick trip to Hunnington Beach was selected as the training ground. Here’s what happened.

Make a game plan

1. Make a game plan

The kids decided which dragons to tackle. Since it’s summertime. They chose Swanee and Swainee. Two bright friendly dragons.

First, the boys laid down the rules. No biting, No hitting. No breaking stuff. No unapproved snacks. No pushing. No bullying and under no circumstances, will there be any food waste.

Show your dragon around

2. Show your dragon around

We chose a day that rewarded us with loads of sun and smiles. My husband jumped on the grill and made everyone lunch.dragoon.31

The dragons loved it.  After we played in the water, enjoyed a great dinner, we were ready to call it a day. The mission was successful!

I was so proud of the boys. They put a lot of time and effort in getting these big dragons under control. We even made a new friend. draggon.06

Time to go!




Water your dragon

We are so excited to watch it “How To Train Your Dragon 2” tonight at NorthLake Mall with our fellow Queen City Stay At Home Mom Team.  Here’s the trailor.

Watch a trailor here:

Enjoy your day, QC Supermom


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