Wednesday Wow: Father’s Day message


Father’s Day is THIS Sunday. This is going to be short and sweet.  I have 3 special men in my life and this year I figured, I would write them a letter.  Here, I’ll let you read it. But first, let me say Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads in your life (you too if you’re a dad)

f d banner

I was raise by a loving, dad. I matted  with a bank account dad. I married a old school dad. What I’ve learned is just like motherhood, fathers do not become dads instantly. I remember how timid Raj was when our 1st child was born. He didn’t know what to do, so he did very little until  she got bigger or I coaxed him into helping.

To my oldest son,

Jervon, you are something else. I have read the messages, heard the chants and seen the actions of theses females out here today. Your dating, nutrition, economic days are very different then the ones I grew up in. (sure, we’re only 17 years apart)  There’s so much more challenges to overcome. Ya’ll normalcy is our OMG! You have seen so much growing up. Good, bad, ugly and the straight up strange.I won’t talk about your visits with me to the midwife. I’m happy that you are comfortable enough to come to me and say what’s on your mind. Now that your 21, I know my role is now your consultant. I love the way you care for your siblings. I still think of you as a very little boy asking God for a brother and look at you, you have 4! I’m not rushing you in No Way, but I know that when you do have a child, that will be one incredible blessed child and mother. With that being said PLEASE DON”T BRING HOME no cougar, gold-digging, 2 faced hoochie. (Okay baby* 🙂 )

Love you always & forever,


jervon and mom

“Buying season tickets and attending every game doesn’t mean you’re on the team. You’re still a spectator.”-A. Kelly


To my husband,

us wedding

You get on my nerves so darn much. What was I thinking when I married you? You challenge me on every corner and love to call me out when you think I’m wrong.

Omg! Just thinking about those 5 sons and 3 daughters we have watching you is just scary. But guess what, I  wouldn’t have it any other way. Sure, our relationship isn’t for the weaker of hearts, but it works for us. I know you have my back. When you push it does one of two things.  It makes me evaluate what you said and  1. I’ll do better or I’ll ignore you and wait for an apology/ dinner/”Me Time” from you later. (either will work)

I taunt you and say that Pharell got away one night I fell asleep, but the truth is, there aren’t many men that would put up with all of my crazy adventures. You were made for me.Lucky us.

Love you always,

Mrs. P


Dad, thank you for always being there. I know for a fact that I was and still can be a handful at any given moment. But thank you for never turning your back on me, and always believing that I can do so much more than I ever imagined.Now look at you, you’re doing the same for my children. Because of your unconditional love I know I could never repay you, but I hope that by raising your grand children with the support. love you gave me and supplying you with sorrel makes you somewhat happy. If I can, I want to ask one more thing of you. Would you now enjoy life more? I would love to see you on  a curse or 3 star resort. (I think a 5 star would bore you) I have put money aside for you to do just that. It’s not much, but with all the price shopping tools on the market, you should pack for at least 6 days. Just bring me back a t-shirt ok.

Love you always, Kelle Keisha


Psst, need a few last minutes ideas? What better place than my cheat sheet.

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