Wednesday Wow: Walking 5 Mile

Mission 50lbs Down- PROGRESS 

I was thinking last night, as I wrote this, that it just doesn’t seem possible. 50 lbs is a big number and I’m much older than the time I lost 80 lbs years ago. What was I thinking? Maybe I should have said 30 for starters. You know, play a mind game with myself. After that 30 then focus on the 20.

I walk 5 Miles every day.

Star, our dog name changed to 5 Mile.

I’m not even going to lie here. I think it’s time to bring in back up. (My tablets and powders miss me. Every morning that I open my tea cabinet, the say “Hello.  looking for me?” They have always been there for me. Why dump them now?

My supplements are my friends

My supplements are my friends

I have not weighed myself, but those skorts I purchased last summer from Lane Bryant  as an incentive are feeling better around the thighs and waist. Talk about profiling. I wanted to take a selfie, but digressed. Is it just me, but some outfits I put on I feel  on point’. Then when I walk out the door, instantly, it’s like, “Okay girl, let your personality lead you tonight girl.”  Seriously what do you do then? Sweat pants lie

Needless to say, sticking with my fitness plan seems a bit more challenging now that my son has left for college.

Here’s what I know about myself: Too much sun is kryponite for me, I gotta get me an affordable  gym membership -that includes a sauna and shower, and lavender lemonade tea is “heaven!”

(I had to share it It was really good – try it yourself)

This is becoming hard work-but yes, I’m worth it (and so is my family) . One thing I know for certain is this, as much as I love my family and know they love me, I have to be fit to love them the est that I can.

So, I’m scaling back to scale down. It should work. No worries friends. I got this.

Don’t Count Me Out Just Yet,


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