Moms mechanics…. yes it could work!

What if you could save your car from becoming a swing to soon?

What if you could save your car from becoming a swing to soon?

Hey lady, I know you can put together a mean dinner, decorate a small space like no ones business, and even create the fliest outfit from the 2nd hand store, but can you change a tire? Let’s face it, being stranded by the side of the road with a dead vehicle will hit you like a block of bricks. Heaven forbid you have the children with you.The importance of a good auto repair mechanic takes on even  greater meaning. Without a doubt, finding a good auto repair mechanic should rank second in importance only to finding a good doctor.

“You’re never going to feel good about spending money on your car because it sucks,” Gilbank, owner of Ms Lube says. “But you can feel better.”

Research says:

DAKAR, Senegal — Fatou Sylla

Fatou Sylla

  • Women are quoted higher sums for the same service than men, says new research
  • Price disparity due to the assumption that women don’t know how much repairs cost
  • By bluffing your way through prices or showing some idea of costs, women are more likely to get a fair quote
  • women don’t jump from auto brand to brand. Women are more likely to be loyal to a brand than men,
  • They found that when women knew nothing about car repairs, it can be taken advantage of by opportunistic mechanics but when men knew nothing, mechanics often thought they were being tricked.

I have been fortunate to have my own mechanic for over 16 years. Since I met my mechanic, I have extended my salvaged title vehicle and saved good money. When I hear other women in distress, I really feel for them. I wish everyone cold have a peace of mind and not worry about extreme car expenses and greedy unethical mechanics.

Women should be envious for what counts. We need to outdo each other in fundamental life skills.-Lakesiha Perkins


Although an ASE report shows that the number of female auto technicians has increased over the past 12 years, some women find it hard to break down gender barriers in the workplace.

POW! I just love this image.

POW! I just love this image.

I have been talking to my mechanic for the longest on offering classes to women this summer. He’s an introvert, so it’s a hard sell, but I’m gonna stay on him.That way, he can help more women prioritize services and maintenance needs. He may even be essential in auction car buying and how to communicate with a mechanic to protect yourself.
As no one needs to feel that they are getting ripped off all the time.

Developing more confidence and knowledge about cars is easier than ever, thanks in part to the internet. “You can’t become a professional through Google, but you can better educate yourself,” Gilbank says.

Personally, I can’t think of any women that wants to change a tire but there is a pride that comes with knowing that if the need arises, she can do it. From checking oil levels to belts, changing air filters or cabin filters- all moms should have a working knowledge before needing one..

I’ll let ya’ll know how that goes. Till then, read your car manual, You Tube some videos and check out some books from your local library.Bottom line ladies, find a good auto repair mechanic before you need one!

Fix something,

QC Supermom

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