Wednesday Wow: Quit already! (and update)

I know you’ve seen it before. You go into your local pizza shop to place an order and POW’ you get slapped with a grumpy employee. Well, that’s what happened today and boy did I surprise myself. I tell you, if more people would listen to that Kenny Roger’s song, life wouldn’t suck so much for them.

So here’s what happened. I sat in the car while my daughters went in to order, it seemed like forever. Then one of them walk out and jumped in the car. “Mom, you need to go in there, that lady is abusing Cassie.” Now what do ya think I did?

Yup, I quickly walked in and asked what’s going on. Cassie didn’t say anything. The cashier/Shonda didn’t either. Instead she went on to filli the order. I’ve always been told to be mindful of pissing off people that make your food, so I stood in-view of everything. She wasted so much inventory throwing it on pizzas and the waste tray. Then the phone began to rang. She thought it was children playing. The calls kept coming and she said “They keep calling and I;m gonna curse their “A”  out. I knew at that time she had been there too darn long. Still I stood, watched and listened. Seems as though a few other employees called out as well. I still don’t know what was said to my daughter, but it must’ve been raw. “Shonda” had a man in there and her two minor kids. The man came over to me as he walked out the door and said, “That’s my wife and she was suppose to get off an hour ago. Her hand is hurting and…….. ” I stopped him right there and asked if it was his children, how would he feel? He was shocked and replied, “Oh, I understand, I just wanted to apologize because she’s really nice. She’s just in pain right now.” At that point I wanted him out of my face. I told him that I thought he was very loyal and that is commendable.


Moments later, Shonda and family left.  It didn’t seem like a manager was there but I knew from my mystery shopping days, that the sticker on the box and the customer service poster on the wall was all we needed to complain. And that I did.

I called as soon as I got home. When I came out to eat, these kids had pork on their plate. YES, PORK! We don’t eat that mess! So now I’m waiting to hear from “Ryan.” When he calls me back I have something else to add to the list of “The Shonda Report.”

My message to “Shonda” and all others like her:

When it’s time to go, it’s time to go. Everyone needs money, and have to determine their level of contentment. The problem is being “content” can easily lead to complacency—and that’s the danger zone. Complacency tends to generate excuses Worst of all, complacency will eventually lead to fear. And fear holds us back or lead us to other’s that will not accept lame excuses. I.E. ME!!!!! Quitting can be good for individual workers as well as for the economy as a whole. As it it creates an opportunity for someone else to fit in.


Boy, I can’t wait to chat with “Ryan” tomorrow. If this doesn’t get cleared up satisfactory, not only will I stop supporting them, I’ll also fill in the questions you guys maybe wondering right now.How did i surprise myself? I didn’t snap back at her. I thank the creator for growth and wisdom.

When to quit your job

10 Reasons You Have to Quit Your Job in 2014

The power is in your purse,

QC Supermom

Dominoes Pizza fixed it

Dominoes Pizza fixed it

Dominos fixed it!!!!! Yay!  Not only did they replace all 3 pizzas, he threw in drinks and desserts. (totally not something we would buy- a nutrition splurge was in order) My conflict resolution skills worked! GO support them!!! 🙂

Here’s their menu. order away!

Thanks Jeff and btw, guys they are hiring! Here’s the address:

4510 Sunset Rd, Charlotte, NC 28216

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