Multitasking like A Boss!

This is me. The real QC Supermom. It’s not posed. I multi-task ALOT!….Don’t judge me. (I wouldn’t mind too much if you did)

Multi tasking mom

Multi tasking mom

  • So, here I am, 60% of the time. Well it used to be. Noah is officially weaned!!! My days of being “Betty The Cow” are over. Whew! After 16 years and 6 babies, I am done!!!!  I can honestly say:
  • that I have protected myself from breast cancer
  • my children and I will be close forever
  • I’ll have to find another way to keep my weight down
  • I’ll have to find another quick fix…… you get the picture- Breastfeeding Totally Rocks!

Now, I’m able to focus more on my business. With that increased mobility, I can accept more agreements, attend more networking gatherings and have more time for me.

4 of my own GMo free recipes was published in this cookbook! ( 2009)

4 of my own GMo free recipes was published in this cookbook! ( 2009)

Why would I mention this? Because I know there are other nursing moms out there that see no end to the tunnel.

I’m telling you now- there is! Slow growth is better than no growth. As a matter of fact, it’s because of them(my children) that I have always had some type of income coming in while here at home with my them.


Dove was one of my first contracts in 2010!

Mind you, home schooling is STILL a big part of our lives. My point is, multi-tasking isn’t a curse word!

Someone said:“[People who multitask] are not being more productive — they just feel more emotionally satisfied from their work.”

I beg to differ! In almost every other aspect of my life, my ability to multitask is a good thing.  Doing several things at once is how I’ve learned to juggle my various responsibilities:  mother of many, wife, educated play date organizer, writer, teacher, volunteer.  Shucks, it’s the only way to keep all the balls in the air.

True, there is a difference between multi tasking and productivity. Heavy multi-taskers have trouble keeping things separate in their minds and focusing only on what is relevant to the task at hand. I suggest that you get organized. Prioritize your day. Take breaks and finish one task before you begin the next one. And above all, make time for yourself!

Just as I did hear! ha- ha! 

R.I.P. Mr Bobby Womack

R.I.P. Mr Bobby Womack

Need more ideas on multi tasking- see here!

And before I close: Here’s the latest.

Another one hit the dust! Listen to the great Bobby Womack, when you get a chance. AND Please Stop eating these non foods.

Well that is all

QC Supermom

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