Today, I danced (Thanks Food Lion)

winning flWho pays those contest any attention? I never have. But this is my 4th time winning something awesome within the last 2 years! I could get used to this.

Sunday was like any other day.I needed groceries so I went to the market. I didn’t bring any coupons so I knew I would only get what I needed for that day.  Although taking the kids along came be a challenge, leaving them home makes the trip boring. Because I have conditioned them before we leave out, I don’t worry about falling into temptation by them munch monster strategies they come up with.

Little did I know I was shopping my way to a cart full of FREE food! ( I only wish that I had went back to get a few more things!) We always have to strategize  more toward the end of the month. While we don’t compromise on quality,instead  we clear out what we have in the house by inventorying what we can use to create a new meal.  MyFridgeFood helped!  A few more to check out is: SuperCook , RecipeKey, RecipMatcher, CuisineYummly,just enter in the ingredients on hand, and they create a matching list of recipes. Neat right? Recipe Puppy is different. It’s lets you enter the ingredients and brings you results from all over the web. You are also allowed to emphasize on certain ingredients Here’s another list to peek at for more sources. Now, if you’re out, you may want something mobile like this list.

Eat well ya’ll!

      Our Sunday dinner, Chicken Enchiladas with a avocado salad

Our Sunday dinner, Chicken Enchiladas with a avocado yummy salad

The next thing on my list would be to learn how to do that extreme couponing it even possible to get fruits and Almond Milk at 60% off? Let me know after you get back from FoodLion.



I won my groceries in Charlotte NC!

                                              I won my groceries in Charlotte NC!

HURRY, the contest ends tomorrow (as in 07.29.14)  Get more contest details here.

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