Friday Four: Keep your hands to yourself John

Edited version: Since the story is so fresh, it makes sense to respect the victims family/loved ones request for space, peace and time to mourn a great loss. 

July 6, 2012 he's sooo much more then the father of my daughter , he's more like my best friend , my comforter , my rod and my other half . regardless of what life throws at us , the bond that we share is unbreakable , i love my boyfriend and without a doubt i know he loves me backkk !!

July 6, 2012
he’s sooo much more then the father of my daughter , he’s more like my best friend , my comforter , my rod and my other half . regardless of what life throws at us , the bond that we share is unbreakable , i love my boyfriend and without a doubt i know he loves me backkk !!

It’s 4:07 am, and I can’t sleep. I have sorrow in my heart for a stranger, a young mom that I have never met.

I picked up a story about a young mom, that was found lifeless in her own home. With further research I learned that it was her own child’s daddy. According to victims Facebook page, she and Scott had been in a relationship and have a 3-year-old daughter together.  – Myrtle Beach Online.

 They say it’s a thin line between love and hate, so my question is: “What drives a person to killing their own child’s mother?” How can someone be that angry, heartless and confused? What didn’t he get when she said goodbye to him and choose herself?  

This mom reminded me of who I could have been. In terms of a teen mom from a small town. The tributes on her page was all across the board. Funny, sweet, angry, confusion, celebration; even from the victim herself. By just reading her timeline, it’s clear to see that she was not only a beautiful scholar, but an excellent mother, sister and friend. I have shared some of the most significant mentions on her time line here. 

One comment read-

Psalm 30:5 “For his anger lasts only a moment, but his favor lasts a lifetime; weeping may stay for the night, but rejoicing comes in the morning.”
 “He states that is when he and the victim started to argue. He said that she stated something like ‘I don’t want to be with you anymore’ or ‘I can’t do this anymore’ and that is when everything changed,” the warrant states. “He said whatever she said struck a nerve in him and he lost it. He stated that she pushed him or smushed his face (pushing his face) and he doesn’t know what happen after that. He states that he lost it and blacked out. He said that when he came to he heard his daughter saying ‘daddy’ from the car.” – My Horry News
eboni and
 “Victim said:
Thanks honey, we proving everybody who thought we wouldn’t made it wrong !” 

This is sad  don’t know you at all “victim”, but sweetie when I saw your situation all over Facebook, my eyes were full of tears & my heart was so heavy of emotions as a Mother, because I can’t even imagine the pain of what your daughter is going through when she realizes that her closest friend, her provider, the first love of her life HER MOTHER is not here to give anymore. I pray for that child because NO ONE should have to bury their mom especially at such a young age. My heart, soul, emotions & deepest condolences goes out to your precious little one & your family & closest friends. May you rest I’m peace!!!



– in the words of my pastor, “church hurt is the worst hurt , that’s why so many people walk away from the church ; the church suppose to be about loving and not judgement !”    
A woman told police that her son, John Scott, had called her and told her that he thought he killed his girlfriend.- Carolina Live
 Here is my advice for parents when discussing Domestic Violence with their child: 

1. Never make them choose. The last thing you want to do is make your child prove she /he loves her/his mate. Some kids do things just to piss us parents off. If a guy/girl is getting sexed, it’s even harder to pull them apart.

2. Become a detective. Read what your child puts on social media. You can learn a lot by just investigating time in and with your children.

3. Always speak up! Then take action. Be very clear about what happens to both the victim and the abuser. After all it will effect more than them. For example, the morgue, hospital, children, parents, friends, family, employment status, etc.

4. Show your child a healthy relationship, even if you must show them via other family members, friends, and books.

In closing, parents, teach your child(ren) to walk away from anything that does not make them better. It’s not worth it. If YOU are having an domestic issue, leave- get help, Otherwise you are telling your child that it’s ok to stay. There were so many things that went wrong here, way too many to mention in one post. Life is too short for needing to prove that you are loved, needed and amazing, (when you already are.)  Finding that type of love starts from within. I wish each of you peace and understanding on your journey.

Love yourself enough to walk away, and once you are away get some self defense classes and mace.

QC Supermom


Here’s “John’s” story:

Wednesday WoW: Disney On Ice Presents Princess and Heroes

Mark Your Calendar RIGHT NOW. Disney On Ice Returns to the Queen City (Charlotte, NC) October 1-5th, 2014 and we are so excited because that means contest time!

By now you should know that I don’t do anything without a sizzle! Over the last few years, I have had the honor of having the best participants for my biggest contest. This year will be no different. But first, here’s more information on Disney On Ice presents Princesses & Heroes. 

Enter a world where heroes and hearts prevail. Join Ariel as she explores life above the waves and Prince Eric as he breaks Ursula’s spell to reclaim his true love. See Prince Phillip, in a race against time to rescue Aurora, defeat evil Maleficent.  Discover a whole new world with Jasmine and Aladdin.  And watch in awe as the dreams of Cinderella, Belle, Snow White, Rapunzel and Tiana all come true. High-flying jumps, breathtaking skating, and lovable Disney friends are a wish away at Disney On Ice presents Princesses & Heroes. 

Now, here’s how to win a Family Four pack…. for free. THE CONTEST IS VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW.

540x300 Ebuzz

Sometimes you just know.

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1.    How to Enter the Contest:

(a)    The “Disney on Ice” contest will begin on September 1st and end on September 20, 2014.

(b)    To participate in the contest, “Disney on Ice” contestants must make a 3 minute video of their self or their child acting out ” If I was a Disney princess, I would be _____.” WHILE using at least one of the most romantic Disney lines ever and send it to me, on Facebook!  The deadline for entry is 11:59 pm on September 20, 2014.

(c)    One entry per person.

(d) All entries become the sole property of QC Supermom.  By entering, entrants agree to abide by these rules, and warrant and represent that their entry is their original work.


2.    Prizes: One family will win 4 complimentary passes to Disney On Ice presents Princesses & Heroes. 

(a)    Contest prizes are not transferable.  Prizes may not be substituted for or redeemed for cash.  Station reserves the right to substitute prize of comparable value.

3.    Selection of Winners:

(a)    The Creative Services department, i,e. , my children (aged 2-16) will chose the best videos and use a majority rule voting process to determine the winners.

(b)    Decisions of contest sponsors, with respect to the contest, are final.

(c)    Winners will be notified by email.

4.    Contest sponsors reserve the right to make changes in the rules of the contest, which will become effective upon announcement.

Easy right? Okay here’s a peek of what I’m looking for.

Time For a little fun ya’ll! Now if you want to just purchase them – go here!

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I Woke Up Like This!

bad food lady 1

I woke up happy, eager, on a mission and loved.I woke up like this……… QC Roar2




THEN I went to the market, got in the checkout line.and seen a lady shorter than me, although we have about the same wastes width. It’s rare that I compare myself to others, but her shopping cart made me feel like either my metabolism is seriously out of whack OR I need to step up my game….. as in adding exercising quickly because healthy eating alone isn’t working for me and I promised no diet pills..

I don’t want to offend anyone. Because food and diet is a personal thing.

I grew up hearing my uncle say ” Your bodies is like a car. The better you take care of it the better and longer  your body will take care of you.

See that food….. it’s not mine. It was the lady in front of me. bad food ladyWe don’t shop or eat like this. Our cheat days aren’t even this bad.

But I don’t exercise at all. So I guess she and I balance each other out.

  • I  purchased a workout hula hoop.
  •  I bought my gym membership from the YMCA
  • My son bought me some sweeeeeeeet sneakers
  • The boys  love getting in fun time outdoors.

Now what? We all have our struggles. And truthfully, I do want a magic pill. Life would be so much easier for me.

My feet hit the bed on average at 1 am and the floor at 6:30 every morning. I can’t seem to find time to workout. Between home schooling the boys, my work and house cleaning, I’m spent! I do know that all this sitting is awful on my body, and I need to change  this cycle.   I did NOT wake up like this and will not get back to where I want to be overnight. Any tips?

So far, I’ve came up with this video. She even provides affirmations. I like it! – 

Friday Four: I Told Ya So! You Had The Power All Along!

Some of us were raised with an emotional deficit; programmed to believe we’re not worth the ruby slippers we’re born with.

You Had The Power

We’d rather hang back on the yellow brick road, serving as landmines to personal happiness and fulfillment. It’s not healthy, but hey, it’s comfortable.

Even Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz eventually got her self together.

When I 1st became a mom, it was bitter-sweet. I was 17, still in high school and an embarrassment to my self and parents. (Even though they never said or suggested otherwise)

From the moment my son was born, I wasn’t 100% sure I was worthy of being loved by this tiny person. Why because society said so. As no honorable teen has a baby in high school, right? ‘

When it comes to following our dreams, it’s natural to be afraid. The greater the cost, the bigger the fear. The bigger the fear, the greater the reward. But what if we fail? Or even scarier – what if we succeed? Besides, everybody knows it’s more about the yellow brick road, than the man behind the curtain. Right?

Here’s 4 strategies to regain your power:

1. Drop your “image.” How many things are you doing to impress others so they’ll view you in a certain way? Have the internal confidence to drop them. Real power does not need this

2. Get some new friends. Surround yourself only with people who support you and show their support.

3. Just do it. Who do you think “decides” that you are powerful? You do. Real power is not given by money or title. Decide who you really are.

4. Stop complaining, start requesting.

Complaining doesn’t change things. Requesting action does. “Who,” specifically do you have to ask to do “what,” so that things improve?

Imagine if Dorothy knew she had the power all along, from the beginning. What a different movie, that would’ve been. Instead of soaking up each experience along the way, she may have clicked her heels right out of the gate. But that’s not how life works. Our lessons are designed to unveil themselves with each experience. We learn them when we’re supposed to. And if we don’t, guess what? Glinda The Good Witch aint showing up until we do.

There are tons of Glindas out there. Each one, selflessly waving their “wake-up!” wands, hoping to set us free from self-doubt. They understand why we perhaps can’t (or won’t) see our full potential. But that doesn’t stop them. After shunning the finger pointers, I continued to explore holistic motherhood.

I started writing in my journal. I noticed how others were parenting and watching how it played out in their child. I decided that I wanted to be a great mom, raise incredible children and still make money.

Mom coach, doula, product reviewer, CEO, craftier, instructor, speaker, income tax processor, MOM -whatever makes your panty tight, just DO IT.

It’s taken me a long time to get here, but now,my journey has made it worth it. And with the help of the Glindas of the world, I’m realizing – there really is no place like it with my large loving family.

When we realize our worth………………………………………….

Cup Of Abundance

Cup Of Abundance

QC Supermom

Wednesday Wow: “Every New Broom Sweeps Clean!”

bwbA new broom sweeps clean, but an old broom knows every corner. It warns that being fresh and loaded with energy, but experience is also a valuable thing.

In the light of everything that is going on with police power and “the White privileged I will use that saying another way.

Babies, are born with a clean slate ready to learn. Parents are older and they are responsible for leading and  carving their child.

Either I’m naive or so hard wired not to have noticed any racism personally. but listening to my husband and other older adults, I know it happens and was taken aback at some of the boldness of it all. After all this time and awful moments in racial history, how does it continue?

It comes from home!There is NO way a child that is brought up in a loving, supportive, well exposed home will grow up to be a racists. It won’t be in them.

For example. Weekly, my daughter babysits for a group of white moms while they meet privately in their home.I like this set up because not only do they pay and treat her well, she also gets to educate the babies. One girl said my skin is light, yours is dark. I like both of them.d and her

Here’s my point: I tell my children how awesome they are and how nice it is to have friends like them of every race. Every race is a door to something new and should be seen as a blessing. They know there is various types of skin colors, yet the quality of a person is what makes the difference.

A Mother’s White Privilege
By Elizabeth of “Manic Pixie Dream Mama” As the ongoing events in Ferguson, Missouri show us, America’s racial tensions didn’t disappear when George Wallace backed down from the schoolhouse door. Dr. King didn’t wave a magic wand, and we never got together to feel all right. White America remembers this at ugly flashpoints: the Rodney King beatings, the OJ Simpson trial, the Jena Six, Trayvon Martin’s death. White America recoils in horror not at the crimes – though the crimes are certainly horrible. It’s not the teenagers gunned down, the police abuse, the corrupt trials. It’s this: at these sudden, raw moments, in these riots and dem …
Read more and Share your comments

The Noah 6-3-2013 3-17-46 PM I would like to see more parents teach their children (or any child they come in contact with)  how to appreciate the differences each race bring to their life. Moms will instill universal love for everyone at infancy. More moms of color will feed her colored child affirmations of inner greatness and promise as she nurses him. I want to see more adults expecting the best from the youth, by being an example. And last but not least, I want to see more black woman love who they are and stop putting babies on “The Brown Paper Bag Test” (Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about). “OOh that, baby got good hair”…UUUugh – Stop teaching our babies to hate themselves and how to hate others!

Go make a colored friend,


Goodbye Homeschool; Hello Charter School

I hope no one dares try to put me in a box. Although I support homeschooling 100%; I do what’s best for my family. As you should do for yours.

HoooRay! The girls are leaving homeschool!!!! Yup, you heard it hear! Their home schooled days are officially behind them. Hoooray!!!!  (yes, I’m  excited, can you tell?)

School days coming

After researching their perspective schools and visiting the campuses, made me want to attend high school all over again.

She said that her phone will be her best friend.

She said that her phone will be her best friend.

I remember when we took them out of public school like it was yesterday. It was horrible and no one was on our child’s side.

One daughter was bullied and bored. Every day she would weep. the children teased her because she wanted to learn, and the teachers ignored her because she kept asking for more work.

Even after numerous trips to the

Entrepreneur High School -DR Potts

Entrepreneur High School -DR Potts

school to discuss my concerns with the teacher, principal and even guidance counselor, nothing worked long term and it started to get old really quick. My other daughter was just restless. She got to a point where she felt like an insignificant number. We felt that the teachers were on the same level as her classmates. Things got way too unruly for us and yes, it was right up her alley.  We had to make changes before they became a habit. So I went to the placement center and it seemed like they gave me very little options. I had no options but to keep them with me at home. Who better right? I could help them prepare for life. FAST FORWARDING—the girls have their own business ( Cassie Sweetz  and The Big Sister ) and both are well involved in the community.

Culinary teacher  and uniformSo, I think it’s fair to say home school worked from them. Now they need something more. Something, that I can’t give them. More social skills with their peers, a more consistent study into college (should they choose to go), prom*, a break from each other; I’m not sure, but this decision feels right.

I’m sending them to  Entrepreneur High School and Kennedy Charter (on the campus of Johnson C.Smith University) both excellent choices for my girls. I have weighed the pros and cons and decided that they would benefit est at the perspective charter schools. 

If you need help navigating this big decision start some where. Ask yourself what’s best for your child. Can you give it to them? The answer will come. What I don’t want you to do is get lost in the education shuffle. I feel sorry for this mom. She should not be punished for wanting better for her son! Free Tonya McDowell!

I think both daughters will do just fine!

Ten Things to Look for In a School

10 Things Colleges Look for in a High-School Student

Read more on FamilyEducation:

Friday Four: My hula hoop doesn’t like me!

I recently purchased a fancy hula hoop from a thrift store and fell deep in love with it, I’ve read that it’s good for your inner workings (IBS) and that it burns up calories galore, but things aren’t going well. I keep it up for a few rounds and then it falls… 

My question is should hooping only be for skinny people? ‘Can a big girl hula?QC Super mom hula hoop training

The hoop is such a powerful, transformational tool to help all of us on our journey in embracing ourselves, no matter what our size. If you don’t give hooping time, you won’t be able to improve. Plus sized hoopers may throw in the towel more easily because we’re often told we can’t do things. Sometimes we even tell ourselves that. Therefore it’s up to all of us to promote prioritizing practice. This will allow the body to get to know itself again and get used to movement. Move with your body and make friends with it.  Hooping.Org

I found this video and within the 1st few minutes, I thought she was high or something. but after a few minutes in, I couldn’t stop watching. She gave me hope. I will not give up just yet ya’ll! Check her out. 

Here’s four tips I got for plus sized hulas like myself to ponder:

1.Practice -Practice-Practice. If you don’t give hooping time, you won’t be able to improve. So practice.

2. Get the right size hoop for your body.( Don’t even go to WalMart for it)

3. Try different ways of moving inside the hoop, and give each style/direction 10 serious attempts before moving on next.

4. Love your body now! Don’t wait till it’s thinner.

in closing, I’m still trying – AGAIN. I’m sure that I’ll never completely quit this journey. I am a fluffy women and won’t begin to use my weight as a handicap. One day, I’ll upload a video of myself doing this as Hippy Hip did in her winning video. 

QC Supermom

Wednesday Wow: When Being a Mama Aint Easy

I don’t ever recall a time that I suffered from severe depression, but I have known the isolation of being a stay at home mom with no close neighbors, friends, or family. So when I read my friends post this morning, I had absolutely nothing to say beside, I love you and I am here for you. She is a member of my stay at home moms group and we just recently began karaoke night at a local “bar” just to get out and do something out of the box for us moms.So it was indeed a surprise to see that she was so depressed. robin-williams

As I read what others shared, I had no clue that so many sahm felt the same way. I share most of it here.

~You said what I think needed to be said. Robin’s fight with depression highlighted emotions that I have been hiding and battling, too. Tracy, your post hits the nail on the head: we all are hiding it and trying to keep everyone else happy while we are hurting. Thank you for writing this.


~Another mom friend- Well put. I too hide in my darker times because it’s hard to deal enough, I don’t need any extra. I love you and I’m here if you need

yello rope

-Another mom friend – My help comes from God and His great love for me. You can’t drift too far from his care.

~Another mom friend – I completely understand what you mean. I feel so hypocritical sometimes when I say “I’m fine”


~Another mom friend- This is not the first post I’ve seen to this effect. I’m glad Williams’ death has given those who wouldn’t ordinarily speak up a platform. Also, it was brave of you to share, so thank you.  depr

FROM: “Mrs Mom Friend”- I want to follow on from my post about the need for understanding depression and pain that so many go through at any given time. It has lost a bit of its stigma- you likely know at least a few friends who have been to counseling or who have needed anti-depressants. What nearly none of its know is that people we care about or see each day could be struggling without us even knowing.

We could even be close, but because no one wants to be the downer (especially if they have felt like one in the past), we could literally be standing 2 feet apart, both needing someone, anyone to connect and what is keeping us from giving hope to each other with even just a few words or a hug is only fear.

I do not hide the fact that I have had major issues with depression since I was 13 that continue to this day. What I usually do hide is just how bad it could and did get, for months and even years. How many times can you feel like you can reach out and still have anyone want to speak to you?

So as not to be a hypocrite when I say please let someone know when you are struggling, I am struggling. Some days are better than others. This is certainly not the darkest things have ever been by any stretch, but I have hidden how difficult it has been to be nearly always alone with my daughter whom I love dearly. Everyone around me is busy. Of course they are. The world is busy. Yet, I feel alone and like I can’t talk about it or anything else, feel like I can’t ask for friendship connection without being horribly selfish or annoying or bothersome or that obligatory person they’d rather sidestep but are too polite to say so, so I withdraw. I withdraw and am afraid to ask for anything anymore, and most of the time I can deal with that but sometimes it hurts like a bitch and that raw space opens right back up.

I’m fighting myself on posting this. There is what will people think and the fear of responses and the bigger fear of no response. However, I would like the world to be a little brighter and a little less lonely and worrying for all of us, and we can’t hold our hands out to each other if we can’t be just honest enough to say, “Hey, it’s kinda hard right now. You there?”

On the other side, I’d personally like to help you hang in there a bit easier even if it was just a bad day, or even if it’s something you can’t shake from 40 years of living. We weren’t made to be isolated creatures. We were meant to connect and care.

Is this a totally weird freaking post? Are you eye-rolling out there? Probably, but even in my clumsy, disorganized rambling, I thought it was important to say, even if only to one person who needs to hear. ——  “Mrs Mom Friend”

One very important thing to keep in mind is that a good 75 percent of clinically depressed people don’t get diagnosed or treated for it, DePaulo says.

I did some research and learned that “People in a depressed mood often do not have the energy to look for help,” Maidenberg explains. “They may have the idea but not the energy to find help.”

It’s important for people to recognize that most depressed people don’t end up killing themselves. “Longitudinal cohort studies have shown that less than 10 percent of people with clinical depression die as a result of suicide,” Crosby says. “That means that 90 percent die from something else.”

But if your loved one is resistant to getting help, “you need to firmly, but gently, remind the person that as bad as it may feel at a given time, depression tends to pass. Suicidal thoughts always pass. They may return, but you have to have the courage to wait till they go away.”

In closing, I love my friend,and don’t want to loose her to this disorder. She’s an incredible mom and enjoy going to karaoke with her. It’s the only thing I can offer her beside our common stay at home moms group activities.  Any other tips beside these?


Need help? Seek it here:

Suicude LifeLine

CALL the hotline -1-800-273-TALK (8255)

 Crisis Hotline

Homeschooling: The High School Years

We have two in high school. One is in the 10th and the other is in the 11th grade. I’ll admit it, high school instruction has been a challenge for me. So we have researched and learned alternatives to offer our girls. It’s called hybird  Homeschooling.

It keeps the kids on target toward college* when their dad and I can’t teach them.

If your high schooler has ever started their day with an online chemistry class, studied math at the kitchen table until lunch, spent the afternoon in a homeschool cooperative taking English literature followed by band practice at the local public high school, then you may be a HYBRID HOMESCHOOLER too! Hybrid homeschooling is a homeschooling style that incorporates multiple avenues and even locations of learning.  High-School-Requirements1-467x1024


Need help Planning Your High School Homeschool Program?  My advice would be:

  • Create the connection between pursuing the career of their dreams and going to college. By identifying interests early and incorporating them into a high school education plan, college often becomes a goal rather than an obligation.
  • Plan your students’ future with them. Ask them what their post-high school plans are and use those goals to help tailor their coursework toward the future they want to pursue.
  • Research college admission requirements and the array of standardized tests your student will need to take in order to qualify. Check out the “High School Requirements for Higher Education Goals” for more detailed information.
  • Consider your options for taking AP and college courses to earn college credit. Some homeschool high school students take some courses using interactive curriculum and mix it with courses taken as dual enrollment at local colleges.(Like CPCC) .
  • Look into homeschool friendly colleges and universities. With the number of homeschoolers climbing steadily year after year, many colleges and universities have admission policies specific to homeschoolers.
  • Explore college alternatives. Not every student will be interested, ready, and/or a proper fit for a college degree. If this seems to be true of your child, then take time to research the multiple college alternatives available to graduates such as military service, vocational apprenticeships, entrepreneurial endeavors, and volunteer corps.
  • Understand the differences between homeschooling versus distance learning with an accredited school. With homeschooling, the parent is the school and teacher of record, taking full responsibility for structuring and supervising the student’s high school program. This includes signing the diploma. This is different than a distant learning option in which the student enrolls in an accredited school program which they work with through the internet. Of course, many families blend these approaches taking some courses from schools online, others at local colleges or high schools, and teaching some themselves using resources such as

Coursera                      Khan Academy                                     Connections Academy 

K12                                  Online High School Course

Whatever you do don’t make your children suffer educationally. If you are struggling to teach them, they aren’t learning. Getting help could mean sending them back to public school. Just be open for doing whatever is best for your child.

Be Smart, Cassie love theater and baking.

QC Supermom

Friday Four: How Not to give Hand-Me-Downs’

I should’ve known what to expect when she said “My husband wants it out of the house.” But no….. I went anyway! I said to myself,she is as nutty as a walnut,but I know she wouldn’t give me any mess.


It’s always cool to help someone out while getting your spouse off your back. I do it all of the time. My husband and I have a rule, for everything we bring in, something must leave. (Yes, I agreed to that). Any-hoots, back to the story, there is a fine line between being dismissive and just plan out negligent. I gotta talk to my “friend later today.She asked me to come to her house to get some really nice things. Maybe she doesn’t know any better,and I’ll deal with her later on that, but you will.  Here’s four things to remember when you decide to give away your summer household purges.

Check to see if items are share worthy

Check to see if items are share worthy

1. Before you give someone a previously loved items, make sure it is clean – nothing is more disappointing than seeing dead bugs, cat hairs. dirt and mold on gifts from a “friend.” Even if you must clean it yourself. Take the 5 minutes to grab some baking soda and vinegar and just do it.

2. Determine if it’s appropriate to give the products(s) to THAT person. For example, if the giftee has older girls or all boys, don’t give her stuff for little girls. To do so is like asking her to just get rid of it for you. And if that’s what you wanted, you should just ask. While you may not get the receipt from the non profit donation, you’ll still get it out of your home.

3. Present it like you care. Enforce the box or bag with tape. You don’t want the box to collapse while they are loading it. It also shows that you really want them to enjoy your gift. When I give used items away, I will use a strong lawn trash bag or solid box. Both are so affordable.

4.Tell your giftee if it’s in a questionable shape. If you have animals, missing parts, a bad leak in your basement, etc, has been handled roughly over the years, and you are not sure if you should trash it, let the giftee know upfront!

Now, be reminded, there are exceptions to every rule. Some people like receiving simple and humble finds to shift through and recycle them. Cafters, pickers, hoarders, – it’s the thrill of the hunt. Others, like myself – Not so much. I was so disappointed as my children enthusiastically explored the malarkey.

I don’t know if I should be insulted or just disappointed in her. A few years ago I made a post for a local clothing donation center and in summary I said, If you wouldn’t wear or use it, don’t give it. We’ll, after I rummaged though the stuff, we did find some treasures.It consisted of books,a canister of tea and a fun tent for the boys. Not too bad I guess. We’ll now would be a great time to go camping in the back yard. Later!