Friday Four:What To See In Charleston SC

charleston-sc_toursSince things have been leveling out of us, we are able to mark some things off our “To- Do-With-The-Kids-Before-the-leave-the -House.”  It seems like it has taken us forever to get to this point, but we’re here and the kids are super excited to see where not only I attended school at, but a little bit of their history.

My husband asked me to secure the hotel room, and activities, for our mid -week trip and I was happy to do so. As my husbands Idea of a nice hotel is – a motel  with 2 beds and a beach chair close to the grill. I say not this trip! I think the kids 1st trip to the  one of the best beaches in the South. Charleston, a cultural epicenter and a laid-back beach town, a historic treasure and a cutting-edge destination, a major city with a small town vibe. I plan our stay to go a little like this:

1.  The Old Slave Mart MuseumThe Old Slave Mart is a building located at 6 Chalmers Street in Charleston, South Carolina that once housed an antebellum slave auction gallery. Constructed in 1859, the building is believed to be the last extant slave auction gallery in South Carolina. In 1975, the Old Slave Mart was added to the National Register of Historic Places for its role in Charleston’s African-American history. Today, the building houses the Old Slave Mart Museum.

old_slave_mart_museum1I remember Rainbow Row from my Johnson and Wales days, but it’s high on my must see list. Keep reading…..

2. Powder Magazine- is a gunpowder magazine and museum, It’s the oldest surviving public building in the former Province of Carolina. It was erected in 1713 by colonial settlers as a place to safely store and centralize their gunpowder supplies. It was also involved in the 1780 siege of Charleston. The Powder Magazine was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1989. It has operated as a museum since the early 1900s. This by far is something the boys and their Veteran dad should love!

H_ L_ Hunley (submarine)3. H. L. Hunley – It was a submarine of the Confederate States of America that played a small part in the American Civil War. Hunley demonstrated the advantages and the dangers of undersea warfare. She was the first combat submarine to sink a warship, although Hunley was not completely submerged and, following her successful attack, was lost along with her crew before she could return to her base. The Confederacy lost 21 crewmen in three sinkings of Hunley during her short career. The submarine was named for her inventor, Horace Lawson Hunley, shortly after she was taken into service under the control of the Confederate Army at Charleston, South Carolina. Notice, they called it a “She?” I think they got it!

4. Last but not least, Gullah Grub! Look at this! I could eat this all day long. heck, I drank from mason glasses now. I can’t wait! YES, I’ll share pictures over on  QC Supermom Oh, and as far as the hotel arrangements, let’s just say a blogger has to do what a blogger has to do!

My husband says I speak lie them when I'm  frustrated with him. We all should feel right at home.

My husband says I speak lie them when I’m frustrated with him. We all should feel right at home.

gullah grub

(See more things to do right here.)  Ok, time to pack up. See ya later alligators! 🙂

QC Supermom

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