Friday Four: How Not to give Hand-Me-Downs’

I should’ve known what to expect when she said “My husband wants it out of the house.” But no….. I went anyway! I said to myself,she is as nutty as a walnut,but I know she wouldn’t give me any mess.


It’s always cool to help someone out while getting your spouse off your back. I do it all of the time. My husband and I have a rule, for everything we bring in, something must leave. (Yes, I agreed to that). Any-hoots, back to the story, there is a fine line between being dismissive and just plan out negligent. I gotta talk to my “friend later today.She asked me to come to her house to get some really nice things. Maybe she doesn’t know any better,and I’ll deal with her later on that, but you will.  Here’s four things to remember when you decide to give away your summer household purges.

Check to see if items are share worthy

Check to see if items are share worthy

1. Before you give someone a previously loved items, make sure it is clean – nothing is more disappointing than seeing dead bugs, cat hairs. dirt and mold on gifts from a “friend.” Even if you must clean it yourself. Take the 5 minutes to grab some baking soda and vinegar and just do it.

2. Determine if it’s appropriate to give the products(s) to THAT person. For example, if the giftee has older girls or all boys, don’t give her stuff for little girls. To do so is like asking her to just get rid of it for you. And if that’s what you wanted, you should just ask. While you may not get the receipt from the non profit donation, you’ll still get it out of your home.

3. Present it like you care. Enforce the box or bag with tape. You don’t want the box to collapse while they are loading it. It also shows that you really want them to enjoy your gift. When I give used items away, I will use a strong lawn trash bag or solid box. Both are so affordable.

4.Tell your giftee if it’s in a questionable shape. If you have animals, missing parts, a bad leak in your basement, etc, has been handled roughly over the years, and you are not sure if you should trash it, let the giftee know upfront!

Now, be reminded, there are exceptions to every rule. Some people like receiving simple and humble finds to shift through and recycle them. Cafters, pickers, hoarders, – it’s the thrill of the hunt. Others, like myself – Not so much. I was so disappointed as my children enthusiastically explored the malarkey.

I don’t know if I should be insulted or just disappointed in her. A few years ago I made a post for a local clothing donation center and in summary I said, If you wouldn’t wear or use it, don’t give it. We’ll, after I rummaged though the stuff, we did find some treasures.It consisted of books,a canister of tea and a fun tent for the boys. Not too bad I guess. We’ll now would be a great time to go camping in the back yard. Later!

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