Friday Four: I Told Ya So! You Had The Power All Along!

Some of us were raised with an emotional deficit; programmed to believe we’re not worth the ruby slippers we’re born with.

You Had The Power

We’d rather hang back on the yellow brick road, serving as landmines to personal happiness and fulfillment. It’s not healthy, but hey, it’s comfortable.

Even Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz eventually got her self together.

When I 1st became a mom, it was bitter-sweet. I was 17, still in high school and an embarrassment to my self and parents. (Even though they never said or suggested otherwise)

From the moment my son was born, I wasn’t 100% sure I was worthy of being loved by this tiny person. Why because society said so. As no honorable teen has a baby in high school, right? ‘

When it comes to following our dreams, it’s natural to be afraid. The greater the cost, the bigger the fear. The bigger the fear, the greater the reward. But what if we fail? Or even scarier – what if we succeed? Besides, everybody knows it’s more about the yellow brick road, than the man behind the curtain. Right?

Here’s 4 strategies to regain your power:

1. Drop your “image.” How many things are you doing to impress others so they’ll view you in a certain way? Have the internal confidence to drop them. Real power does not need this

2. Get some new friends. Surround yourself only with people who support you and show their support.

3. Just do it. Who do you think “decides” that you are powerful? You do. Real power is not given by money or title. Decide who you really are.

4. Stop complaining, start requesting.

Complaining doesn’t change things. Requesting action does. “Who,” specifically do you have to ask to do “what,” so that things improve?

Imagine if Dorothy knew she had the power all along, from the beginning. What a different movie, that would’ve been. Instead of soaking up each experience along the way, she may have clicked her heels right out of the gate. But that’s not how life works. Our lessons are designed to unveil themselves with each experience. We learn them when we’re supposed to. And if we don’t, guess what? Glinda The Good Witch aint showing up until we do.

There are tons of Glindas out there. Each one, selflessly waving their “wake-up!” wands, hoping to set us free from self-doubt. They understand why we perhaps can’t (or won’t) see our full potential. But that doesn’t stop them. After shunning the finger pointers, I continued to explore holistic motherhood.

I started writing in my journal. I noticed how others were parenting and watching how it played out in their child. I decided that I wanted to be a great mom, raise incredible children and still make money.

Mom coach, doula, product reviewer, CEO, craftier, instructor, speaker, income tax processor, MOM -whatever makes your panty tight, just DO IT.

It’s taken me a long time to get here, but now,my journey has made it worth it. And with the help of the Glindas of the world, I’m realizing – there really is no place like it with my large loving family.

When we realize our worth………………………………………….

Cup Of Abundance

Cup Of Abundance

QC Supermom


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