I Woke Up Like This!

bad food lady 1

I woke up happy, eager, on a mission and loved.I woke up like this……… QC Roar2




THEN I went to the market, got in the checkout line.and seen a lady shorter than me, although we have about the same wastes width. It’s rare that I compare myself to others, but her shopping cart made me feel like either my metabolism is seriously out of whack OR I need to step up my game….. as in adding exercising quickly because healthy eating alone isn’t working for me and I promised no diet pills..

I don’t want to offend anyone. Because food and diet is a personal thing.

I grew up hearing my uncle say ” Your bodies is like a car. The better you take care of it the better and longer  your body will take care of you.

See that food….. it’s not mine. It was the lady in front of me. bad food ladyWe don’t shop or eat like this. Our cheat days aren’t even this bad.

But I don’t exercise at all. So I guess she and I balance each other out.

  • I  purchased a workout hula hoop.
  •  I bought my gym membership from the YMCA
  • My son bought me some sweeeeeeeet sneakers
  • The boys  love getting in fun time outdoors.

Now what? We all have our struggles. And truthfully, I do want a magic pill. Life would be so much easier for me.

My feet hit the bed on average at 1 am and the floor at 6:30 every morning. I can’t seem to find time to workout. Between home schooling the boys, my work and house cleaning, I’m spent! I do know that all this sitting is awful on my body, and I need to change  this cycle.   I did NOT wake up like this and will not get back to where I want to be overnight. Any tips?

So far, I’ve came up with this video. She even provides affirmations. I like it! – 

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