Setting The Parental Standard

Thank you for being a reader of my blog. I appreciate the time you have invested in doing so. I know that you could have scrolled right on past this post and never think twice. For that, I am sincerely grateful.

thank you

Did that make you feel good inside? ! like to say thank you in style. It helps me build rapport and gain favor.It’s a standard I have grown to use on a daily basis. It sure in handy yesterday with my daughter. While at the local library, this 21 year old man was trying to hit on her. After being told how old she was, he still proceeded and even said that he would wait on her to turn “Of age.” Thank goodness, she wasn’t terribly afraid since she was with a small group of associates at the branch library. The story ends with the man being banned and escorted of the premises via the local police.

This situation made me so appreciative of the relationship I have with the library staff, my children and the community. After my daughter told the staff member what happened, the first thing out her mouth was, “I know your mom doesn’t play that!”

Because of her spirit to serve and me setting the standard, everything worked out for my daughter. The librarian gave my daughter the protection she would give her daughter. It was a clear example of quality service.

Marriott is known for good service. I was trained to provide top rate service from the moment guest stepped within 10 feet from us.  I read In The Spirit To Serve, by Bill Marriott and when I was at the Hilton, we often got quality tested by secret guest shoppers to ensure we were doing our job. The feedback was straight forward, traceable and unanimous.

Guide book for hospitality excellance

Guide book for hospitality excellence.

I got a kick out of seeing my name in weekly mentions of excellence.To me, it not only meant that I was in demand, it also said that I was helping people enjoy their time (as I’m sure the librarian will get a kick out of receiving her gifts today)

I was able to carry those traits over into motherhood. This time, I am writing the guide book and doing the gift 2  9-2-2014 9-09-15 AM

Setting The Standard.  Standard setting is the methodology used to
define levels of achievement or proficiency and
the cutscores corresponding to those levels. Widely recognized as a model of authority or excellence.

In my community, at any given day,

I ‘m hugging my children, communicating with them. Asking them questions and actually waiting to hear their response. Once a month, I even take them out for one on one time with mommie, even if it’s to the market and back. I make them feel love, wanted and valuable; the pure form of a spirit to serve.

Thank you for hanging in with me.

QC Supermom


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