Product Review: Julius Jr. riding toy by Fisher Price

I received a Julius Jr toy for review and completed it with the help of my handy 4 and 2 year old sons. It didn’t take long to see what the hype was about.

Look at this cute,tiny monkey! He makes everyone smile. You just can’t help it.jj I loved the smooth colors, and the easy to clean surface. It even fits nicely in my mom bag and yes, Julius Jr. can go in the tub for bath time fun. I can see the creative potential in this little guy already! Now time to see what the boys thought.  We tested Julius Jr for speed, portability and durability. Yes friends, it was race time!


We raced it on the carpet and the stone floor against a police paddy wagon, and guess what? That little happy monkey can roll. He even stayed inside of the car with the flashing force of boy power! The police wagon barely kept up. 

IMG_0207 IMG_0211

It was really cool reviewing this product for free  with my boys. I was also able to share saving with my friends. Win-Win-Win right?

Right now Julius Jr is having a tour of our upstairs herb garden. That reminds Me- I need to check on him. Last time I seen him, he was cruising in a space ship. (yes Julius Jr, is detachable and interchangeable.) His host are very creative in  their play and silence at times means big trouble! See ya!


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