Friday Four: Getting Out Of Town

driving in the mountainsI don’t like to drive long distances. When my older children were smaller, I missed out on alot because I had no desire or help to share the burden of driving long distances or watching the children. My husband was either working or didn’t want to go where I wanted to go.

Now that our oldest son is playing basketball in college, my husband has an incentive to be the designated driver for out of town trips. I can’t tell you how much I appriciate that, but our latest trip opened my eyes to something rather significant.

Last week we went to see Hampton University play against Appalachian State University in Boone NC.

Noah made friends with the enemy.

Noah made friends with the enemy.

That ride was excellent! I couldn’t keep my camera down. It was mountains, hills, valleys the entire time. Talk about beautiful!  Who knew we were so close to all this beauty?  I took while riding. The university sits on the top on another mountain that placed us 3333 ft. above sea level. I like walking in places with my tribe. We almost took the entire row.

Two hours later, we were on our way back home. Talk about bitter sweet. I was happy that we were able to put in $15 in gas to learn about a part of our state that we’ve never been to before. They got to see first hand what mountains really looked like, and how it felt to rise in elevation. It was clear that there are some things, you just can’t get the feel of from a picture or youtube video. There is something to getting out of your home land and seeing more!

I have been missing out on too much, and so have my children. What if I had another interested mom? we could share traveling expenses and child care, while exploring new things with our children? It could happen! (I tell you sense comes last sometimes,I could just kick myself!)

Boone NC
Boone NC



Boone mountains

I do plan to return with a mom friend and her children in April. By that time, we will have saved up enough to go hiking, eat local and just be authentic tourist for the weekend.






Here’s a little more information about the Men’s Basketball teams that played last week:

QC Supermom in Boone NCAppalachian State University is a comprehensive, public, coeducational university located in Boone, North Carolina, United States. Appalachian State was founded as a teacher’s college in 1899 by brothers B.B. and D.D. Dougherty.

QC Supermom and Hampton UniversityHampton University is a historically black university located in Hampton, Virginia, United States. It was founded in 1868 by black and white leaders of the American Missionary Association after the American Civil War to provide education to freedmen. In 1878 it established a program for teaching Native Americans which lasted until 1923.

Wednesday Wow: Who hires moms and why

Recently it hit me. Why am I not sharing my client list? After all, I absolutely LOVE each and everyone that I serve and they are a perfect fit for not only my brand but for other mompernuers as well.

So from this day forward, I will showcase at least one of my clients per month. They way, you can see some amazing businesses and of course my clients get a free plug! Everyone wins! Okay, let’s get to it! First up is Lapronda Spann. She is the owner of Lain Consulting. I worked with her this summer. Spann and QC Supermom

I can say many things about Lapronda…. and I think I will. She is a powerful, single mom, intelligent, soft spoken, spicy, family oriented, classy, home owning supermom. Her super power is helping non profits not only find money, but also select a strong board to keep them in business.

What I love about working with her:

She loves seeing strategies marked off her vision board. She sees opportunities, risks, and challenges then smashes them down one by one.  This little lady is by far a great role model.

She shared: It was a case of the “horrible bosses” that spurred LaPronda Spann in 2012 to finally turn her side gig into a successful, full-time consulting firm.

During the eight years prior, Spann worked full-time in the nonprofit hospital sector in Winston-Salem and Charlotte while helping a few nonprofit clients write grants, after a friend suggested in 2004 she get a business license.

“He saw value in the company,” Spann said. “I didn’t take it seriously.”

But all that changed when she began working in a new section of the hospital for a new boss. It took about eight months for Spann to realize the arrangement just wasn’t working.

“It was the best blessing,” Spann said. “At that point, I just wanted to manage my own schedule and do what I was good at.” – L.Spann

With a little help from others, including her mom, daughter and CPCC she did it!

CPCC Small business help center img003

Here’s what she do at Lain Consulting LLC.

She serve:

  1. Dreamers, Visionaries and Entrepreneurial Spirits that are looking to establish charitable organizations
  2. Small to medium sized agencies
  3. Federally designated nonprofit organizations
  4. Organizational leadership that are committed to growing and sustaining the nonprofit long term

Yes, she’s that remarkable. Here’s why I think you should follow her:

Key accomplishments: Months after launching her Charlotte-based business, Spann was awarded certification by the city and state, opening the door to government contracts. She grew revenue tenfold in her first year and doubled her client base.

Lapronda reminds me of that Kenny Rogers song, ” The Gambler ” This is the hip hop mix. (I needed something to get hype for a quick workout. this one worked)

Watch this video of Ms Spann in action.  I LOVE it in the end when she reintroduces herself by  starting of with….  “I AM the ………..”

More in the news about Lapronda-

CPCC feature

NCIMED coverage

Read her full feature in the Charlotte Business Journal here.

I had to include this promo video of her, it’s excellent! (I may need to get back on this steam engines payroll!)

Follow your dreams, QC Supermom

Penguins of Madagascar; the QC Supermom Review

Super spy teams aren’t born—they’re hatched. Penguins of Madagascar  has to be the cutest movie yet this year!  Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private join forces with a chic undercover organization, The North Wind, led by handsome and husky Agent Classified (we could tell you his name, but then—you know),

Dr. Octavius BrineAnyhoots, their mission is to help animals who can’t help themselves. The Penguins work with the North Wind led by “Classified” to prevent Dr. Octavius Brine from taking over the world. (Scary right?)

We were given a few tickets to disburse, so the fun was magnified because my moms from Queen City Stay At Home Moms were able to join in the fun. Yes, it’s a great movie For any play group to plan and attend together!Queen City Sta At Home Moms


As always, kids see things we adults may miss, so I asked my tribe what the thought of it. Here’s what they said:

Take a peek at this trailer and go see it this WEDNESDAY in theaters while your Thanksgiving dinner continues to digest!

eliSee everything Penguins Of Madagascar,  here on Dream works. Penguins Of Madgascar

Marvel Universe Live – The Charlotte NC Review

I’ve seen grown man drool over chicken wings and a great football play before, but that night it was little boys, moms and even little girls mesmerized by the non stop action of the Marvel characters cycling, banging, jumping, and everything in between inside of the Time Warner arena. boys love marvel

To get ready for this show, we dressed up the boys as Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, and Black Panther. We got everything for the boys and myself relatively cheap. As we focused on sweat suits, accessories and masks (that they already had at the house)

I’m so glad we got to go. The children was THRILLED to see a different side of live entertainment!  As we entered our seating section, the event staff member asked what was my superpower,QC Supermom at Marel Universe Live I replied “I have a mean mama eye and a powerful 1,2, 3 count off! ” Hey, a mom gotta enjoy herself too right?!

After the show we rushed back to the van for our family review and shared our thoughts on the show.





Needless to say, everyone had a favorite part. Here is a quick peek of mine:

I looked over to my right and our contest winner seemed to be having a great time as well. I can’t wait to see them again next year. It made a perfect way to wind down from the Total Children’s Wellness Fair just the day before. (Here’s more on that! )lisa

I’d say mission accomplished! Don’t miss it when it comes to your area!

An opportunity of a life time is RIGHT HERE!

He never supports me. I’m always home alone. I could’ve been this/ that. I fel outdated.My world is narrowed. I wish I could afford a babysitter….the list could go on and on! I had said all of these things at least one in my parenthood.

Feeling down about yourself. Feel like you are using your driver’s license far more than your degrees.Need some motivation and real support to help you get your life on the road to success. Well, here you go:

wspoke with Mr Richard this week and learned more about this opportunity.

“Imagine being given the opportunity to live the American dream! Is there actually a way to have it all? NOW CASTING NATIONWIDE FOR A NEW TV SERIES!

NBC is seeking engaging families with the aspiration and drive to create the life they’ve always wanted…with a little help.   Email for more information or to apply!”- R. Realivasquez

It’s a 10 week commitment and you are given numerous resources to help you succeed.  What type you asked? Let’s see; a home, a job, childcare, coaching….. everything! What suprised me the most about this opportunity to be on a live show is the fact that they don’t want you to be on the show acting the fool.  That’s rare in itself. They want to see if a family when given all the resources to thrive could make it after the show. – Simple right? GO for it.  We couldn’t enter because our tribe is too large, but hey you never know. He did ask for a family picture of us. Funny thing is we only had this one to share. Yes, it’s next on my list.


1So are your ready to get your swag back and make it happen for your family?  YES? Well go get ’em!



Take care, QCSupermom

The Good Food Force 2014

IMG_0974Last week I attended a PTA meeting at my daughters charter school. On the agenda was FOOD. The principal was concerned because the students were wasting more food than eating and it was costing them too much money to continue to pay for the current outside caterer.We came up with many options that included

  • Inhousing lunch time prep and distribution by the culinary students
  • Having children bring in thier own food,and microwaving it if needed
  • Installing Fresh food vending machines
  • Creating partnerships with local resturants for year long agreements for donated food

IMG_0884Well, right off the microwave thing was out of the window.I don’t want to microwave or pack food in plastic containers eaten by my daughter.

My preference was to build a garden on the property and have the culinary students not only maintain it but prepare the other students food with the harvest.

We can even apply for the Field to Fork Grant (The Field to Fork Program provides 6-month grants for supplies and guidance of growing a pizza garden full of spinach, tomatoes, and herbs.
Applications accepted through Friday, November 21, 2014.
CMS elementary classrooms are eligible. Multiple classes from a school are welcome to apply. Download an application at 
) I’m sure there is one in your area if you look,google, or ask around.

IMG_0877Just to be clear, this isn’t a Charlotte school problem, it’s a kid problem. Everyone is strategizing on how to get healthy food to – and inside children affordably?

Last weekend in Washington, DC we came up with a plethoria of strategies. The main point was not only to make good food famous but to build a network to support your efforts as a mom, consumer, and voice for your family!IMG_0914 Ronald, Skittles,and even the USDA, are not the boss of our kitchen!

Here are some more quick facts (via MomsRising) to ponder!

  • Nearly 1:3 kids in America are at risk for nutrition-related diseases like Type II Diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.
  • Schools play an important role in keeping kids healthy. 40% of students buy one or more snacks at school each day.
  • Children are also heavily influenced by junk food marketing. 73% of the foods advertised on t.v. shows for kids are for convenience / fast foods and sweets

Why we’re so excited about the Good Food ForceDon’t miss the 5th!
The timing could not be more urgent for us to speak out in support of healthy school foods, and against marketing junk food to kids. Check out these useful fact sheets on both issues.

Want to know more?
We’re always looking for new members. Please contact us at

Don’t miss the 5th Annual Total Children’s Wellness Fair in Charlotte THIS SATURDAY (always the 3rd Saturday in November) See more about that here: Take a look at the line up:

11- 11:20 am Mr. Nigel’s Music
11: 30 -11:50 am : Re-Fashion Show
Vendor Showcasing ( Preparedness Consulting Group, LLC– 2014 PRESENTING SPONSOR )
12:30 – 12:50 pm Yoga with Asha Sims
1- 1:20 pm Martial Arts Demo w/ Jeremy Kempka
1:30- 1:45 pm Cooking With Kids Demo

See you there!tc