An opportunity of a life time is RIGHT HERE!

He never supports me. I’m always home alone. I could’ve been this/ that. I fel outdated.My world is narrowed. I wish I could afford a babysitter….the list could go on and on! I had said all of these things at least one in my parenthood.

Feeling down about yourself. Feel like you are using your driver’s license far more than your degrees.Need some motivation and real support to help you get your life on the road to success. Well, here you go:

wspoke with Mr Richard this week and learned more about this opportunity.

“Imagine being given the opportunity to live the American dream! Is there actually a way to have it all? NOW CASTING NATIONWIDE FOR A NEW TV SERIES!

NBC is seeking engaging families with the aspiration and drive to create the life they’ve always wanted…with a little help.   Email for more information or to apply!”- R. Realivasquez

It’s a 10 week commitment and you are given numerous resources to help you succeed.  What type you asked? Let’s see; a home, a job, childcare, coaching….. everything! What suprised me the most about this opportunity to be on a live show is the fact that they don’t want you to be on the show acting the fool.  That’s rare in itself. They want to see if a family when given all the resources to thrive could make it after the show. – Simple right? GO for it.  We couldn’t enter because our tribe is too large, but hey you never know. He did ask for a family picture of us. Funny thing is we only had this one to share. Yes, it’s next on my list.


1So are your ready to get your swag back and make it happen for your family?  YES? Well go get ’em!



Take care, QCSupermom

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