Penguins of Madagascar; the QC Supermom Review

Super spy teams aren’t born—they’re hatched. Penguins of Madagascar  has to be the cutest movie yet this year!  Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private join forces with a chic undercover organization, The North Wind, led by handsome and husky Agent Classified (we could tell you his name, but then—you know),

Dr. Octavius BrineAnyhoots, their mission is to help animals who can’t help themselves. The Penguins work with the North Wind led by “Classified” to prevent Dr. Octavius Brine from taking over the world. (Scary right?)

We were given a few tickets to disburse, so the fun was magnified because my moms from Queen City Stay At Home Moms were able to join in the fun. Yes, it’s a great movie For any play group to plan and attend together!Queen City Sta At Home Moms


As always, kids see things we adults may miss, so I asked my tribe what the thought of it. Here’s what they said:

Take a peek at this trailer and go see it this WEDNESDAY in theaters while your Thanksgiving dinner continues to digest!

eliSee everything Penguins Of Madagascar,  here on Dream works. Penguins Of Madgascar

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