Friday Four: Enriching Your Childs Education

College-Money2One thing most parents think about as their child(ren) enter high school is will my child be able to pay for college IF they decide to go? I know that I do.

We have a child in college. Two in high school. Another two in primary courses and then two more that are still building a foundation and love of learning.

We got off very easy with the first one, as he was scouted by top athletic departments in the U.S.. So not only is his books,education and housing covered, he also gets a little pocket change. We may not get off that easy with the rest of them. So now we are looking for college money. Of course we prefer grants and scholarships, something they won’t have to pay back. If I haven’t learned anything else since my Johnson and Wales days…… student loans suck! debt

My parents never wanted me to work in college, but I needed more than what they offered so I always secured me a little job to cover my  fun exspences. I did work study and part time work with a temp agency all through my college years and I’m so glad that I did.Because I was a mom even in college, I was able to send money and gifts to my parents for my children. That FELT good in itself.

Because I am a self proclaimed conserver, I came across a bunch of resources that may help with our other children. Hopefully you can find something of use as well. It was a 2012 copy of Essence Magazine: Essence 2012 money for education

Essence QC Supermom Education money Now, if I could only find that tree my daddy kept asking me about!!! Here’s four more ways to make it happen!money tree

Creative Ways to save for college

Practical Money Skills:College Savings

VERY weird scholarships you can apply for now!

Earning pocket money for college students

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