Building and Revealing Character

Waiting and waiting

There is something I really want and it’s available!

I’m so anxious. My heart is about to jump out of my sweater. My little guys, are talking to me; I’m answering, but my mind is on a whole other level all together. I am fighting myself to stay calm and optimistic. Although I’ve been wanting this thing for years now. To me, my family deserves it. (DEEP BREATH) Sorry folks, I can’t tell you what it is just yet, but keep your good vibes in my favor it will work out.

Right now, I had to rush and play “What God Has For Me Is For Me” by Miami Mass Choir, to calm my nerves because Yes, dear folks, I too have to check myself at times.  t

You have little power over what’s not yours. – Zimbabwean proverb

I try to live a life that reflects hope, strength, faith, and courage to my family, and friends. I never envy; and refuse to do so now, but with all of my being, I hope to get favor in this incredible desire of my heart.

God did not create hurry. — Finnish

Growing up, I learned to work for what I want. To make no excuses for myself and although taking calculated risks isn’t a bad thing, one should think things out before taking action. I have seen many people with better “things” and have wondered how they get them for myself. Thank goodness, I had a mom that taught me to pray and trust my creator to lead the way. She also told me to never drool over what others have, because I don’t know how they got it. Then she explained the many ways to get said goodies. Working hard, saving, stealing, tricking, being gifted, connections, – everything. She left it up to me to figure out which path left to sleepless nights. (Gosh, I miss my mom

A-good-attitude Better little than too little. – Cameroonian proverb

One thing I do when I get over eager is read, listen or write things to encourage myself. I grew up connecting on a power higher than myself when in need. It’s all I know to do, and it makes good sense to find a way to use all of the energy in a progressive way. Heaven forbids my children begin to mimic me in my anxious zone.

(YES….. today is a day I’ll need my ‘mama-only’ time. So, a nice long walk is in order)

what was meant for me will never miss meWhen the shepherd comes home in peace, the milk is sweet. – Ethiopian proverb

Looking at my life journey, I think I have prepared for this opportunity. I just put my trust in God, that “my blessing “is ready for me.

Okay, it’s time for my little walk now; they say a talkative bird will not build a nest. So I’ll hush for now as I patiently wait. Wish me luck!


QC Supermom



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