Basketball Game Day

african american grandson and basketballplayer I love to watch my son play basketball. I do. I do. I do. He is doing what he loves. He makes us happy to see him doing something fun,healthy, positive and affords him the potential to make a living for himself via the free education and his athletic ability.

As I look at the pictures I’ve taken from his last game, I realize that it’s more than the game. It’s much much more.  Basketball is making our family stronger!

My Big Boy on a Tiny Bike…..

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. I beleive that. When he is home for the summer, or a short holiday break, I can’t wait for him to leave. He just urks me after a while. BUT when he is gone…. I think of him everyday.Is he eating well, what couga will be after him now, will he continue to feed his spiritual self, the list goes on and on.

This happens after every game!

This happens after every game!

Hampton Mens Basketball

When he is home, I am even more encouraged to cook super healthy meals. Because I know he’s a crazy diet at college. The entire family benfits from my extra effort. When he leaves, the younger children call and ask him to persuade me to make it again. That’s a huge stroke to my ego. It shows me that they do appreciate my hard work after all.


When my son is home, he’s on a break. He loves to take his siblings to the drive up zoo, the lake to fish, even to play dates for me. When he’s gone, they tell me about all the silly things they did while I was home. My husband and dad has someone to brag on. Because honestly, too many our our boys don’t get the opportunity to actually enjoy thier youth.

What helps me sleep at night is knowing that he too his someone watching his back when I’m not there, his coach, Edward Joyner. Yes, I’m the mom of NINE, but he is responsible for 13+ boys. I honor him and thank God for that because he does take his job seriously.postive black male role model

Jervon is a positive role model for his younger siblings. He inspires us parents to be better parents for him and his younger siblings and at the end of the day isn’t that what all mothers/parents want. To improve themselve and their family. I thank God for what basketball has given us. Can’t wait for the game today. Families gets the best seats for free! Can you say ROAD TRIP!  SC or BUST!!!!





South Carolina State



It’s always more than just a game! Let life be more than living!

QC Supermom


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