Friday Four: Just Dance!

I love dancing. I don’t know what took me so long to include it in my exercise regime. I have to cook. It takes me at least 45 minutes to get it all done. Why haven’t I been pumping up the jam to help get these hips down?


See my Pinterest board on easy foods for kids!


It just came together the other night while over the stove. My daughter strolls in the kitchen with The Fuggees; ‘ Ready Or Not’ playing on her phone. Mannnnnn, I got the feeling and had to dance it out!

The kids were amused as my husband walked in and did his little Fred Sanford’ jig, but I really didn’t care. I was back in college with my boxed braids in my hair, getting down with my girls, at the off -campus house party! Those were the days!

So why should you dance IN the kitchen WHILE cooking WITH your children? Here’s FOUR reasons to try it:

1. On the smooth surface floor, you’ll move smoother. That alone is priceless. With little effort, you’ll look like J-lo, James Brown, any of them – EVER!  (I need that support in my life.)

2. Your steps are flawless. Think limber and fluid…..My daughter was trying to get dance lessons from me.

3. You can have fun while >< Get This><……… exercising! I think 30 minutes 4 times a week gotta add up!

4. Your little ones will LOVE jamming with you. THEY WILL LOVE IT!  Dancing with mommy?! What child wouldn’t? See for yourself!

I gotta go, these hips won’t trim themselves down.

~QC Supermom

2 thoughts on “Friday Four: Just Dance!

  1. How fun! What a great idea. 🙂 Think I’ll have to try it, too! We have a homestead, so we get some good exercise working on the “farm.” What I never could understand is why some people pay to have a gym membership AND pay to have their yard work done…Hmmm…

    • Many thanks!! Wow,a homestead. Thats my husbandd dream.Yes, that is great exercise. I agree that most people can get a perfect work out inhouse, I’ve learned that judging can be a no no. For the longest time my little ones made anything and everything in the house a grusome chore. Going to the gym was a vacation. You can’t beat a steam room after a hard endless day of motherhood.

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