Wednesday Wow: Free Range Chickens – (Children)

Police Investigate Family for Letting Their Kids Walk Miles Home Alone

Free range  children -chicken

Have you heard about the 6 and 10 yr old kids that walks 2 miles to the park to play? The story goes as such: Parents Danielle and Alexander Meitiv are “free range” parents. They allow their children to explore the world in a large ” Ring Pass Not’.  Child protection service found out about their care -free parenting and opened a case of parental neglect on them.

 In a January 14 article in Slate News, Hanna Rosin wrote of the case on the Maryland couple about their decision to allow children to walk home unescorted.

The parents believe that children have to take calculated risks in order to learn to be self-reliant. Their kids usually carry a card that says: “I am not lost. I am a free-range kid.”I_Am_not_Lost_Free_Range_kids

They had carefully prepared their kids for that walk, letting them go first just around the block, then to a library a little farther away, and then the full mile.

There are enough examples in the family court system as well as the newspapers to remind us that common sense is not that common. Adults and parents continue to demonstrate a lack of understanding about child safety and their responsibilities as parents -Jean-QCSAHM,

As a little girl, in Hemingway, SC., my best friends and I roamed the neighborhood – making sure we were home by the time the streetlights came on.  It is a sad time now that our kids can’t do the same.  We didn’t have any problems when I was growing up. But it was a different day and time. A badge with such saying  looks like an invite to kidnap to me.

 Rosin is outraged at a society that doesn’t recognize the value of creating self-reliant children, and at a police state that dares to question parents about such innocuous behavior as walking home.

I already know what it’s like to loose a child. I stood and watch my child take her last breath. With that said, I just can’t do it with my kids.  I just can’t.  Part of me feels like I’m curbing their life learning, but other parts of me feel keeping them safe is my number one goal, they have their whole life to learn how big and bad the world can be.

So, there’s my take.  What do you think about free-range raising?

Here’s more on Free Range Children


Take Care of Each Other,

~QC Supermom

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