QC Supermom Clients: Well And Fitness-Nutrition and Fitness

Tractor tires, and yoga mats? Yup, that’s what you’ll get at Well & Fit; Nutrition and Fitness! Well and Fit in Charlotte If you drive too fast, you may miss it so look closely for the green curtains and privacy walls. Once you get inside, it’s like nowhere you have ever been! Well & Fit Nutrition in Charlotte Not only is this fitness boutique  center is well designed, it’s also support entrepreneurship. They have one of the best business plans I have ever seen in my client list. Each month they celebrate their clients and award the biggest loser with CASH…..prizes, and food. AND CASH!!!! Did you hear me? Saturday, they gave away over $100.  DSCI0045   javierr I was able to sit with the Spartan runner, US Army man, long enough to asked him how has his 3 year journey to this moment feel.” His response wasn’t a surprise. He said that it is the most rewarding, exciting, and biggest blessing he’s ever experience this far. The hard work is finally paying off! I think this business will win because it appeals to the customers that shun big gyms. You walk in there and you feel like “Norm” from Cheers!

We are focused on improving the over all well being of the Charlotte community through group runs, cardio /resistance training, one on one coaching and of course the Heart of Herbalife, its amazing products. Led by prior military and ACE certified personal trainer, Well and Fit is your one stop source to feel healthier, be stronger and look incredible has never been easier. ~Javier N Laura Grimaldo , WELL & FIT Nutrition and Fitness

train 3648x2736 In closing, I gotta add on how dedicated they are to their success. These two young amazing people just got married. Although I wasn’t a flower girl, I wish them many more prosperous years of wealth, health, and happiness. QC Supermom javier wed

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