Friday Four: Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gifts

we did that mom and sonFeel free to enjoy these simple yet thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts for yourself to your loved ones. The great thing about  this holiday is that the role of mother is played by aunts, grand-moms, neighbors, nannies, step moms, and even Mother-in Laws, so pitch every one including yourself. These four ideas capture some of my best times of motherhood with and with out my babies. Check them out! You’re welcome to come back and tell me how it went. I’d love to hear about it!

1. Begin a fitness adventure! I wanted/and still desire to get fit. Most moms do. Why not give a gift of wellness? Think exercise coupons from more athletic family members.(Yeah, even the babies will do.)

2.  Make mom slow down and pamper herself. We simply don’t do it enough. Make dinner, take the kids out for dinner, or take her to get her feet done.

I refuse to hurt you by posting my feet online ANYWHERE.

I refuse to hurt you by posting my feet online ANYWHERE.

3. Mothers are arming themselves with the tools of social media and using their growing virtual power personally, commercially, and politically. Will the hands that rock the cradle finally rock the world? This year, help mom start a business! Start with something she’s really good at. I made this cookbook with my baby boys. It helps us fill in smaller expenses. Cooking with kids book

4. I have been showing my friends and family my videos and they are still laughing at me. But to my defense, I never grew up around large and assertive animals. While I appreciated the opportunities to see more of Gods incredible handy work. And oh how mighty it was!!! It was a memory that I will never forget and although my oldest son is to blame for my partial heart attacks, it was so worth it! Memories like this can’t be purchased!

Okay, there you go! No stress right? Can you do me a favor? Please share with a mom or mom lover, Some people need ideas. Sometimes it’s the little hints, that can help make a moms day.  Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. Now go make mama happy and get busy! Happy Mother’s Day!

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