Friday Four: When to send your plate back to the kitchen

You LIVED and planned for Friday, Mother’s Day weekend. At the same time you know that you are presenting a gift as valuable as what you are expecting (your time and money) But there is a disconnect!


Here’s what happened:

You and your husband are sitting in a chain restaurant. The waiter approaches and ask what will you have to drink. Since you’ve already waited 20 minutes just to be seated with the menu, you already know what you want to eat. Your meal is different from your husbands, so you ask that the salad is brought out when his food is ready. All is well as you sip your lemon water, and begin to chat, relax and you know, people watch. (what else do you do when there are no kids to tame?)

bad service

30 more minutes passed and a lop sided salad arrives for you and nothing for your husband. You swiftly ask, “Why is this here? It should come out with everything else. I don’t want to eat before my husband.” The waiter didn’t have an answer. He responds, “I don’t know. I told them to hold it when I went back there.” …Yes, I know. That isn’t an answer.

So here’s how it actually ended: With it being  7:40 pmish’, I knew that I was going out later,so I reserved a lot of my calories. I was hungry,and tired of watching my clock. Once I showed the disappointment in my face, the worn out manager approaches. He too comes with a lame excuse. His reasoning included the fact that one of our orders came from a grill and it took longer. Come on……. (Did they teach him that in management 101?) After he dismissed himself with a “It will be out shortly,” I decided it was time for me to leave.   That was not the place that I wanted my money to be invested in. I do not want to convey in any why they I accepted how they handled this situation. We went across the street to Chilli’s, got seated, served, and receipted within 45 mins AND we saved money!

I used to carry around fake bills (obviously fake, like monopoly or those bills that say "haha, fooled you" on them) for bad waiters.

I used to carry around fake bills (obviously fake, like monopoly or those bills that say “haha, fooled you” on them) for bad waiters.

We ended the night perfectly with Ex Machina, which I though was a good movie. But that’s a whole other blog post! For now, check out my 4 top reasons to leave  or send your food back to the chef.  

1. When it comes to your table like it has made by your 4 year old. Most states have the “law of Merchantibility”: states and product sold must meet minimum requirements for what it is advertised at.

2. When the manager makes excuses for awful service. (He’s not working for tips, what gives?)

3. When the menu have nothing that you REALLY want to eat, AND it’s more than you would normally to pay. (My boys lemonade stand is more impressive!)

4. Leave if you get a chance to see the manger and he looks like he just pulled a double. Chances are he’s overworked/underpaid and overwhelmed.

Complain on the spot to the waiter or waitress. If they don’t sort it out, ask to speak to the manager and tell them why you are unhappy. The restaurant may offer to reduce the bill or give you a complimentary drink but you can’t refuse to pay the bill because the service was poor.


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How often do you complain in a restaurant?

We don’t eat out too often, but when we do we go to a place we know has good food and good service. It’s too expensive to spend all that money on something just to end up disappointed. Speak up with your dollars & have a great weekend ya’ll!

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