Untrue, it really is, let's talk about it!

Untrue, it really is, let’s talk about it!

the cliques

People are creatures of habit, and the habits you pick up early in life often carry through to adulthood.

If you would have asked me last month what I thought about cliques, I would have said something like “NOT FOR ME!” During high school and college, I made it my mission to stay away from them. I felt that like they were cruel, snotty, and ambiguous. They served no real purpose other than to make someone else feel less significant. Even the definition sounds ignorant. Clique:  klēk,klik/noun

 plural noun: cliques
  • a small group of people, with shared interests or other features in common, who spend time together and do not readily allow others to join them.
    Now think how it would work if it was the reformed. Something a little smarter, it would work for everyone!

    As a work from home mom…. it gets lonely, frustrating and even depressing when you feel like no one is rooting for you or supporting you. Getting likes feel like pulling teeth. No one refers your business to others that may fit your target market, even fruitless like ladders, in spite of the your thoughtful actions you’ve shown others. I know, I know…. and the list goes on and on. Delivering a high-quality, unique product or service to the marketplace sometimes takes a lot of people.

    Bad enough that you are home with the kid(s) and want to bring a financial blessing to the family, doing something that you really think that you’re good at, BUT to get from point A to point B, you gotta have someone that believes in you so much that they insist on bring you up with them. Reformed cliques can set a great precedence for overall professional camaraderie and teamwork. That what I’m talking about. This type of unshackled coterie isn’t just empowering for you, it’s sanctions good will to everyone you come in contact with. It’s because you are not just committed to your clique, you’re just as committed to finding ways to bring value to them! That will make you go outward and make bold as brass moves knowing that you have support. I can’t imagine a better way for children to see their stay /work from home mom.

    quote-Lucy-Hale-i-dont-really-believe-in-cliques--130057_3 May all belong to an amazing supportive, innovated, integrated, smart, strategic clique!


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