Here’s the vegan hip-hop playlist you never knew you needed

Think veganism is just for weirdos? Honey you betta think again!


What do members of the Wu-Tang Clan, Jay Z, Beyonce, Jermaine Dupri, and André 3000 have in common? They’ve all dabbled in veganism. It’s all about the brassicas, baby. 

First We Feast has the story:

In light of the music industry’s pitfalls, this emerging trend should come as no surprise. Years spent toggling between stints on the road and late-night studio sessions fueled by a diet of greasy foods, processed snacks, and boatloads of fine spirits take a toll on the body. Stic Man, from the group Dead Prez, describes his transition in grisly terms: “I was surviving on smoke, bourbon, and hot dogs and then I was diagnosed with gout,” he says. His wife, a vegan chef, encouraged him to realign his diet — a move he says has paid dividends and set him on a course of spiritual enlightenment. Now Stic tends to his community garden and lights up…

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