Friday Four: Things You May Not Know About Me

As a blogger and mom coach I share a lot. It helps others see that the differences we have are not differences at all and that everyone has there own cross to bear.  However, even in one on one coaching sessions, I hold back bits of information. BUT I was in a sharing mood as I pondered on what to write for today’s post.  Secrets! Everyone LOVES SECRETS.  Here’s four no one knows about me! Ssssh, don’t tell a soul.


  1. I have put out one of my own children. I was raised a certain way. Certain things were just never even considered acceptable or possible. Because I refuse to be mainstreamed by these new age parenting gurus, I chose to rely on what my mind and heart says is right. At the time I put her out, I felt that reality need to set in. When I’m feeding , housing, nurturing, and struggling for you and other influencers can entice you with more worldly and  defiant ideas, it’s a good time to open the door and let the child see for herself if it is really glamorous as it’s stated. At 16, she’s isn’t a complete fool, so it may work out for her, is what went through my mind. So she stayed out for 36 hours and begged to come home. The grass was not greener and although she was safe, she knew that the pressures of real life isn’t what she wants – just yet.
  2. I hate shopping and I’m  dressing handicap. I don’t understand how shopping assistants can do their jobs everyday! I thank GOD for my infinity belt. It’s simple to put on and it goes great with everything! First let me say, If I had to describe my uh, dressing style, it would be somewhere between, “I don’t plan to get out and ” Not a soul knows me there, so I’m good.” That theory used to work well for many years. Lately, not so much. Between hanging with Queen City Stay At Home Moms and business errands for Queen City Stay At Home Moms, I’ve had more people approach me with “Heeeeey, I know you…. You’re the mom coach or you’re the one that is everywhere, knows everything, and trys out all those cool things.” I like that- trust me, I do but here’s what I do— Click Here-—.
  3. My family would rather eat from Golden Corral than my kitchen. They love my veggie lasagna, cabbage and sweet potato fries….and that’s it. They LOVED when my son comes home because food is it very best! They say my Johnson & Wales relationship takes over.  (mind you, I earned two degrees- NEITHER, the B.S. or A.S are in culinary.)
  4. I don’t believe that energy can be destroy. It just comes back in another form. I trust that after death a person’s spirit is sent back.   I swear that I’m raising at least three of my elder  family members right now. And that’s not a bad thing!im

Well, there you have. Did any of that surprise you?

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