Wednesday Wow: From Old to New

Did you know  that n 2010, the average American generated more than 1,500 pounds of waste over the course of the year (and only 551 pounds of that amount was recycled or composted). Over seven billion pounds of PVC plastic are chucked every year, while only one percent of that amount is recycled. Whether you’re an Earth Mama or a proud SUV owner, the truth is we’re throwing away too much stuff.

I love recycling, re-purposing, and saving the lives of good stuff that would otherwise end up in the dumpster. To me, living within our means includes getting every bit of life out of everything we own. I think just about everything can be recycled into something new and amazing!

This is the flow of our home.

  1. I buy or receive something and the family love it, or at least like it…….for a while or until it’s  destroyed (that time is rarely more than 3 years TOPS)
  2. My husband takes in out to the back yard while the children and I are away.
  3. I find it, get anger and bring it back in the house.I may or may not hide it.
  4. I  quickly go to Pinterest for ideas on how to reuse it if I don’t have one already in mind. For example, my old couch cushions.

couch 1-8-2016 2-02-41 AM.JPGnew couch 1-7-2016 12-34-29 AM

My current project is to convert our old couch cushion pads into a . I will convertible bed/chair, for our middle age boys room. It will look something like this.


The only difference will be the using a pillow protector. These zippered cases go directly on the pillow, beneath the pillowcase. Protectors are typically affordable and prevent moisture and some allergens from reaching your pillow, keeping it healthy and sanitary longer.

zipThis is a ZippySack. It’s where I got the idea from If you want ,you can buy yours here* from Amazon.

I’m also getting an Angry Bird cover to use as the first slip case. I’ll share the completed project on my Facebook page.

Earth911 has  info on recycling pillow’s!

The Greatist has incredible tips for just about everything!

How often do you swap out your pillows? What uses have you found for the old ones? Share below!

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