Friday Four: Turning Dreams into Reality

I like to drop treasures along for others to use after they have proven to be an asset.. Because I know the struggle when you try to do something different- something positive -something different, for yourself and family. I hope these four tips make your journey a bit easier.

How to Turn Dreams into Reality

1. Tell someone else what your hopes and dreams are – and what you plan on doing to get you there. Speaking out our plans and goals helps us commit to persevering. But be mindful. There are people out there that will attempt to steal your ideas.

2. Put it on your calendar and carve out some time to invest in your dreams – every day, if possible. Be realistic.

3. Start with something small so you don’t feel overwhelmed. It’s also motivating to see your Star Seed Self succeed (and that becomes more likely if you start with baby steps.)

4. Leave reminders everywhere to motivate you to “keep going”. Reward yourself along the way.


5. When you feel like giving up – just stop and focus on “right now”. Doing that will stop you thinking up a whole book of excuse. For me, looking at my children is all the motivation I need.  Can You Believe It…. they want to eat  EVERYDAY!


Come join me in my next adventure…….minion 700

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