CFL: Kids Cow Shirt With Tail Tutoral

Tomorrow is Cow Appreciation Day. Yay! My little ones look forward to it every year . This year instead of Friday, it’s on a Tuesday. Another change is in the requirement for the free food.  You can wear anything cow’ish and get an entre’. Need help making a quick costume?

I have a few. See this previous post and continue reading below.

With the help of my four fellas, here’s what we came up with :


Yes, a ChickFilA cow is glued on. We also glued coins on it, don’t ask why. I used left over cuttings for this shirt.


This cow shirt has 2 teats for breastfeeding.


Soccer Cow Shirt


This is a sports cow shirt.


For the tail, we cut out a shape on fabric. untied the twine. Tied string around the twine squeezed the glue on the shirt where I wanted to tail to be placed.I laid the “tail” down- then covered it with glued black fabric.







cow$7 -Pack Of Shirts        Free Glue  Gun              String (for the tail)            Scissors

6 Glue Sticks                        Black & white Fabric (felt works great too)       Twine (for the tails)


Note: We are not entering a contest. The mission was to create creative cow’ish costumes. The boys did most of the work themselves with very little help from me.Personally I think they did great! It shows that you don’t have to spend a whole lot to spend quality time with your children.


Click here and see this one that came across my inbox just today. READ IT!!!!!


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