Lyrics of Guantanamera (A Girl From Guantánamo)

Celia Cruz was absolutely incredible!!! No one or nothing has ever had me so interested in learning Spanish! I’m thinking that I need to take those two Spanish classes over a Johnson And Wales University.In this blog, the famous song Guantanamo is translated! SWeeeeeet!

The Hesitant Prize Fighter

Hmm I heard this since I was a boy, and only lately I understand that its one of the most
widely known Cuban song. Which is also turn into a patriotic song in Cuba as well..

This version that I am sharing is not revolutionary.. hence its more loving type of lyrics
I also decided to translated Guantanamera Guajira Guantanamera as with reference to a girl from Guantanamo instead of the patriotic meaning.

Title: Guantanamera (A Girl From Guantanamo)
Singer: Celia Cruz

Guantanamera Guajira GuantanameraX2

Yo soy un hombre sincero
De donde crecen las palmas.X2
Y antes de morir yo quiero
cantar mis versos del alma.

Guantanamera Guajira GuantanameraX2

Cultivo una rosa blanca
En junio como en enero.X2
Para el amigo sincero
Que me da su mano franca.

Guantanamera Guajira Guantanamera X2

Mi verso es de un verde claro
Y de un carmn encendido X2
Mi verso es un ciervo…

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