We’re Going Back To DC!

Yup, on July 11th, we are headed back to DC! 2019 PlayIn will be the best one yet! So Call All Of Your DMV folks and tell them to get here! It’s always worth the trip.

The Play in 4 Climate is a fun day to get the kids to help tell our policy makers that kids want to play outdoors in a safe environment. Not stuck indoor with respiratory issues.

Air pollution isn’t just unhealthy to breathe – it threatens our children’s future. That’s why moms across the country want to participate in a meaningful action on climate

And kids play a really big part. Not only are they getting to play right there* at the US Capitol in Washington, but they are also learning first hand how simple it is to be an effective advocate. My children grew up on Capitol HIll! It’s okay if they get a little cranky!- Trust Me!

(I still think Wheeler is wrong for the EPA- I wrote an article about it. Read it here. WRAL article here.)

That’s why moms (and kids, and poppas, and grandparents, and everyone in between) across the country want to see meaningful action on climate.You really should join in! Here’s more details:

On July 11, 2019, parents and kids from across the country will gather near the US Capitol in Washington, DC to call for climate action. This family-friendly protest against the air pollution that causes dangerous climate change showcases exactly what’s at stake as temperatures and sea levels rise: our kids. Moms know that kids can’t sit still, so we are ditching a traditional sit-in and holding our sixth annual Play-In.

The event will include exciting speakers, kids’ activities and music by Latin-GRAMMY-award-winning children’s musician, Mister G.

And If you see me there, please stop by and sign my gigantic bill—-


Where: National Mall, Washington, D.C. For more details contact: Moms Clean Air

Register HERE!

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