Friday Four: Summer Weddings

Congratulations! You’re engaged. Thinking about getting married in the summer? You couldn’t pick a better season! Your outdoor venue and location choices are wide-open. Think parks, barns, mountaintops and my favorite, sandy toe beach weddings. The choices are endless!

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According to, the most popular months to get married are October, September, June, May, and August, in that order.  I married my husband on September 20. It went great! The party lasted all night! Personally, I think it’s because of these four reasons below:

1.More guests will be available to attend.

It’s much easier to get time off from work during Summer than other times of the year. Especially with kids out of school, families won’t have to worry about missing class time. As a result, you’ll have a bigger turnout and be able to have more of your loved ones attend your big day. The more the merrier, right.

2. You can’t beat Summer nights.

With some of the heat carrying into the night, you and your attendees will be able to dance the night away without having to worry about bundling up. There’s also something about warm Summer nights that up the romance factor and even make you want to party even longer. Even the summer food is better. You can serve the seasons best local harvest of watermelon, strawberries, tomatoes, and grilled corn on the cob.

3. You can take advantage of outdoor venues.

My wedding venue was at a local park with a huge Earth tone rock formed waterfall, We stood in front of a stone pool and our guest sat on stone carved rocks and regular event chairs. It was beautiful! If you do choose to exchange vows during prime sunshine hours, be sure to keep shade.It’s possible! I’m still holding my fingers crossed for a beachside wedding! (Hey LoveBirds, I’m here! – Weddings And Blessings – Non-Denominational Marriage Officiant

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4. You can get more creative with your reception.

Again, with warmer weather comes more fun. Set up lawn, board games, DIY tacos, s’mores or salad station by the fire pit when the sun begins to set. Frozen Summer treats also make for great dessert alternatives. Think backyard BBQ with light upscale touches.

Choose Favors that Keep Guests Comfortable

Handing out sunglasses, parasols, or fans before the ceremony starts will keep your friends and family happy during what could be sweltering hot vows. Plus, they double as a favor your guests can take home after the wedding is over. -Deanna, The Big Sister

outdoor wedding reception food

However, there are plenty disadvantages to be aware of:

Because Summer is the most popular season to tie the knot. Venues and vendors often up their prices during this time, especially on weekends. Keep an eye out for peak-season rates when planning your wedding budget.
Destination wedding and honeymoon prices are also hitting their peak as most. Also prepare for bug control. We southerners have lots of remedies for that too! The key is to research, prepare and plan early. And if you are looking for a non denominational marriage officiant, I’m your girl. Contact me right away to secure your date! Jabela: Marriage Officiant & Life Celebrant

Happy Planning!

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