Friday Four: Trump Wants to cut SNAP (AGAIN)

Trump needs a time-out! Yes, Let’s send him to the first corner in sight. Here’s four things that will happen if Trumps administration successfully ends SNAP for 3 millions low income families. SNAP, formerly known as the Food Stamp Program, is the nation’s most important anti-hunger program. In a typical month in 2018, SNAP helped 40 million low-income Americans afford a nutritionally adequate diet.[1

Toward the end of every month, hospitals in California see a curious uptick in admissions for hypoglycemia, the kind of low blood sugar that can affect diabetics. Business Insider

If this happen, in a urban city like Charlotte, NC, businesses will close, incarceration rates will soar. food pantries will be heavily burdened, and healthcare rates will go out the window!

“It costs more to live than you can make in a week. There’s no way to make ends meet.”

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This is of course is just my hypothesis, but times as times changes, it remains the same in many ways. Parents are not gonna allow their children to suffer. It’s easy to say grow some of your food, but that isn’t gonna happen. I read a study that said Americans loose interest in nature* around 11 yrs old and don’t even think about it again until they are 30 years old. Since they can’t live off breast milk, something has to give. The lack of SNAP funding alone would strip at least 0.53% from GDP alone assuming a 1.8 multiplier. (I got those numbers from

  1. Stores like Family Dollar and Food Lion take huge losses everyday. Shoppers come in to shop and leave with way more than they have paid for. What, I wouldn’t think of what would happen afterwards. Jail right?……. and the crazy cycle begins.

2. Food quality will get even worse. Think about it……’s awful now. The FDA allows so questionable ingredients in our food product now. Shoppers will look for ways to save on their food bill anyway they can. Then there are other bills. parents shouldn’t have to choose between utilities and nourishment.

3.Hence more bad food, more bad nutrition, more illness. Including

  • heart disease;
  • diabetes;
  • obesity;
  • high blood pressure;
  • stroke;
  • osteoporosis;6 and
  • cancers, including cervical, colon, gallbladder, kidney, liver, ovarian, uterine, and postmenopausal breast cancers; leukemia; and esophageal cancer (after researchers took smoking into account)

Everyone knows real food is medicine.

4. If I wasn’t an urban horticulturist, and couldn’t garden, couldn’t buy good food, too far from a food pantry, had no one to ask for food help from, I am heading to my favorite grocery stores and ask for unsellable produce or snatching up what I see that my children need. What parent wouldn’t? My kids aren’t gonna starve.

Note: I notice so many people of color working out more, eating better and just loving on themselves. I know SNAP has helped. I’ve always believed in population control, this would be a clear example of it if allowed. SAVE SNAP! Speak Up.

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