Thank You! You Just Helped My Family Of 11 Get Closer To Our Dream.

Thank you for requesting to make a donation.

You just made me smile. Really Big From the Inside Out! That’s Where all the joy is stored you know. This farm has been a ringing in my spirit for years. Seems like everything I’ve done over the last five years was a road of serendipity to my family’s destiny. So for that I say “Thank you for your donation to Phase 1 of the Pressley Farm!”

Growing up, we were forced to work in my pastors affiliate gardens. There wasn’t a regular childhood. It was really structured. Just when we thought we had a relaxing day to lounge and hang around the house, we were sent to our paternal grandfather’s field. I hated it. It was always beans, beans, and corn, then more beans. But we did it. I learned how to sow, harvest, process, and cook. Then we were taught how to preserve, heal, trade, and gift with the gazillion beans. Even then, I did it reluctantly.

Honestly, it wasn’t until I was older that I realized what my wise parents were doing. I began teaching my kids how to grow watermelons, and lemon balm at home and in community gardens. One of my daughters now make specialty teas, rolled herbs and pregnancy treats from produce that she grows with her own hands. They too have grown up in soil , but they love it. But I GOT it! My parents were stocking us up with transferable skills. These skills have helped feed my family in so many ways. Today, I continue teaching urban horticulture to my younger children as well as other co-op home-schooled children. And now I have the opportunity to bring those same life lessons to my community on a grander scale. Pressley Farms will be the platform.

At Pressley Farm, We will specialize in healing herbs and therapeutic workshops. Growing up in a lower income county, I understand how job, and food, insecurity can be the weight that keeps moms from thriving in small communities. I hope to change that by training mothers in urban horticulture and other parallel skills that will assist them in progressing to their highest potential…. as so many others have did for me. Even when I did not see my own potential, they did. So I gotta pay it forward. And I need your help to do so.

I will end here for now. I hope that you will consider becoming a regular patron. Every bit helps in making this seed grow! I’m creating really nice incentives to make it worth your wild. Check back very soon!

Thanks again!

Farmer Pressley

Want to make another donation or share with a friend? Use this Paypal Fundraiser link. ( CLICK HERE!) Thank you!

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