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Parents, I feel your pain. It’s rough right now. And I don’t even have children in public school. Opportunity hoarding is alive and present. Your child (ren) should not be a collateral residuals of COVID-19. Start your own POD or Cottage School! We did it and you can too!

The concept of “pandemic pods, learning pods, micro schools, Cottage schools” has garnered a lot of interest over the last several weeks, the idea essentially being that groups of 10 or fewer students will learn together in a home environment. Either a parent, or rotation of parents, will teach the students — or the parents of those students will pool together funding to hire an instructor.  Our school has space for 25 students. Which is fine because we have the space and honestly, there isn’t a established authority to govern how many students we can have.(per say). We’re all winging it, in efforts to ensure our children have a decent education that will overcome the deficiencies of solitary online learning a way to mitigate the health risks associated with sending students back to a physical full time classroom.  

Homeschooling since 2005, we have taught our nine children and countless others in various settings from homeschool to private 1-1 tutoring sessions. We are fortunate to still have many of our referrals as close friends today.

I don’t think it’s a great idea to send your kids to school in the middle of the pandemic,” says Mulligan, 40. “A lot of us started freaking out. At the same time, she adds, she and her husband found it difficult this spring to juggle working from home while managing their 6-year-old daughter’s virtual schooling. “

Some- privileged parents have a back up plans and resources that other COVID -19 homeschooled students lack. I have created a cottage school because I think all students deserve a solid education. Not just my children.

I want my sons and our community to thrive holistically, in a safe environment. Many of my colleagues, feel the same. Some of them are low income and find it challenging to to do both work and provide high quality education. Our micro school provides the opportunity to close the massive gap in education that is widening day by day. As a parent, this is just not acceptable. So I’m inviting families into my space to grow together. I have over 15 years of experience. We are currently homeschooling our last for fellas and my a teaching teach is holistically amazing!

Our desire is to partner with other homeschooling parents to offer the best possible experience for our children both academically and socially. As parents, we all want the best possible education for our kids. Therefore, many parents choose to seek out experienced educators to teach subjects they feel less comfortable or unequipped to teach. Our team of educators provide that extra support in particular areas of study to give your homeschooler the best chance for success!

If you want to secure one of our remaining spots, click here!

Our Organized Microschool School Focus:

Cross-curricular, project-based, hands-on learning in a safe, clean, nature loving space

Character education & social skills development

Building community & lasting friendships

Fostering a life-long love of learning- holistically

We offer flexible education and payment programs for grades K–12 that help each student achieve the unique goals. Course offered range from STEAM to Sports Boot camp, We will not suspend any child, all students* wear uniforms, and children on the spectrum are welcomed.

Right now, we 15 spaces available for enrollment. at our private home. And I am willing to help other parents start one up similar to ours. Feel free to contact me directly at 980 335 6036 or email me at Let us help you do school at home, affordably and diversity appropriate. Don’t let your child get behind!

Click HERE to REGISTER for Fall classes. They start September 14th!

We are accepting financial donations hired tutors and healthy snacks. Donate here. THANKS!

2 thoughts on “Homeschool Cottage School

  1. Hello Im interested in your cottage school set up..wondering how many teachers, what subjects how many days a week an how many hrs per day. Also what is the cost per child. Where would school be held…What is included in cost. We are not reglious is curriculum Bible based or secular. What curriculum do you offer? We don’t eat pork an maintain a vegetarian diet for the most part. What measures do you have in place to combat catching COVID 19…are vaccines required for students attending your school. How many adults will be present during school time. Will any males be in attendance that do not teach…What grades do you offer. I have 4 kids 2 in High school 1 Middle an a Kindergartener. Im new to the area an looking for options before I choose public school online…

    • Hi Cherish, great questions! The cottage school is in Mooresville. It’s our private home that we considered selling but decided to use it as a school. We will have 5 students to 1 teacher*. It’s really based on the dynamics of children registered. We are not bible-based at all. The kids will hear an, ” OMG!” once a day simply because we’re country as all get out, but we are a non-denominational team. Over the last fifteen years of homeschooling, we have created our own homeschool curriculum which is offered to regular homeschooled students. For the COVID homeschool students, we simply provide in-person support for the classes they are enrolled in.
      Two of our instructors are former public school teachers. WE DON”T TOUCH PORK EITHER!!!! Oh Nahhhhh! We don’t eat white rice, sugar, or bread. But none of that matters because meals are on the parents.
      We do provide garden-fresh snacks ( and back up meals -just in case you forget to send them something)
      Not being vaccinated is NOT an issue. Our four little guys aren’t either. In reference to your COVID19 question; we have lots of space and each classroom is suitable for five (5) kids each. We also have a large yard for ventilated classroom usage. We will sanitize regularly throughout the day and keep a few approved mask available for all students.
      Parents are not allowed to stay but can view live feed via webcam.
      My husband, a professor, my oldest son, a Sports camp instructed (Professional Basketball player) will be the only men there.
      All grades are covered – pre-K – 12th grade.
      Finally, welcome to the Queen City! You’ll love it here!

      NOTE: We are looking to bring another parent team in to teach- fingers crossed. And thanks again for those incredible questions!

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