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“I love babies. I love serving, I love working for myself, and I’m grateful to be in a career that honors my ancestors.” – Kelle L. Pressley, Queen Mother- mother of nine (9)

What is your why for being here? Whether it is to be trained or to sponsor a student. WELCOME!

The Pink Grasshopper Holistic Birth Doula program is comprehensive in its scope.
We teach a practical and well-rounded body of information about childbirth…
all the basics…yet the material is presented holistically and
with a balance of the intuitive and the clinical.

The Curriculum
* Reproductive Anatomy
* Pregnancy Physiology
* Labor and Birth Medical Terminology
* History and Duties of the Labor and Postpartum Doula
* Compassion, Care, and Cultural Awareness Skills
* 6 Holistic Therapies for Pregnancy and Birthing
* Maternal Social Services
* Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy
* Prenatal Care Assistance
* Labor and Birth Assistance

* Birthing Ball and Rebozo Techniques
* Birthing Options
* The Role of the Father
* The Birth Plan
* Breastfeeding Support
* Infant Care including Baby Bonding Techniques
* The Doula Business 101

You will learn –

• Feminine anatomy and hormones of the reproductive system and the female cycles.

• How to understand birth as an organic process and how to support a mother’s choices in various places…home, hospital, birthing center.

• How to articulate and navigate through the cultural perspectives concerning birth.

• How to nurture a pregnant woman.

• How the baby navigates the pelvis during the process of labor

• How labor unfolds without interference and how to facilitate women in that process.

• Options in childbirth…choosing caregivers, waterbirth, positions for delivery

• Understanding the cervix…dilation and effacement, cervical lips, ruffling the membranes, Bishop’s score for induction.

• How to understand some of the controversial topics in childbirth…ultrasound, induction of labor, rupture of membranes, Group Beta strep, cord clamping, neonatal jaundice…

• How to employ healing modalities that facilitate self-direction in mothers and families.

• How to tend placentas and offer Placenta encapsulation.

• How to create win/win and collaborative solutions when things do not go as planned.

• How to present yourself as a doula in the community and how to integrate your practice of woman care with the knowledge of birth.

Certification requirements are easy and simple. The reading of

Protecting Your Birth: A Guide For Black Mothers

How racism can impact your pre- and postnatal care — and advice for speaking to your Ob-Gyn about it. by The New York Times ( Bring a copy to the workshop for discussion) Prerequisite

And birth experience (Those who has either birthed a child or attended births.)

Due before certification

The cost of the 3-day program is $360. Payable via PayPal, or Vimeo. Pay Here

December 18 -20/ 2020 See and RSVP here.

About the trainer: Kelle Pressley Perkins aka “Jabela Ledsi”

Encouraged to support women between the birth of her own nine children, Kelle has been helping families with childbirth education, labor & birth, and lactation support since 2010.  Moving to Charlotte in 1998, she met and so many implants with no support like her, infused to serve. It became very important to help educate others who felt the same way.  Her initial mom group, Queen City Stay At Home Moms began partnering with both local & national nonprofits, and businesses. The goal was to create a safe and resourceful community through blogging, job sharing, and product reviews. That grew quickly to free training and long term educational opportunities.

Kelle used her education from Johnson and Wales University as a springboard to increase her brand as a solid lifestyle brand ambassador for moms. Going back to workshops to learn more about fertility, childbirth education, and postpartum was a natural choice. Teaching parenting classes, to expectant families, birth moms, and adopting parents came next, In 2012, she was able to take the leap away from parenting classes, and focus full-time attention on caring for women.  Bridging the gap between Childbirth Education and many other cultural challenges that face mothers of color. She has served in many capacities, along the side of numerous state and federal policy changes. While learning more about the wisdom of women’s bodies, Kelle realized there is yet so much more to learn.  In that quest to learn more, and more work needs to be done to save more moms and babies of color. She is very honored to learn from many granny midwives and elders on how birth used to be and why we must remember the mom after delivery.  This is what she wants to share with YOU. Register today.

Your Doula, “Jabela” The Pink Grasshopper

Jabela and the new mom, newborn and birth photographer.
Pay day, earn  well later.
The next birth class is December 18- 20/ 2020. Because we offer small classes, don’t delay. Secure your seat today!

This Birth Doula workshop includes all of these steps required for TPG Certification:
Hours for workshop— 9 am –  2pm EACH DAY

 Tuition includes a childbirth education workbook, breastfeeding course workbooks, business forms, online mentoring, continental breakfast, nutritious snacks and beverages.

For More Information, Contact Jabela (980) 247-2072

LOCATION for Training – PRIVATE LOCATION in Charlotte and Mooresville NC. Will be given upon registration.

Your place in this Doula Workshop is not held without your ‘paid’ tuition.

– Refund PolicyA refund, less $30 processing fee, 
is given if a
participant cancels two weeks or more
before the workshop date.

If cancellation is less than two weeks prior to the workshop date, no refunds are given .

​All lunches are on your own.  Feel free to bring your lunch or dine at one of many nearby restaurants.

Nursing babies may attend.  
You know your baby best. Please keep learning needs (your own as well as others) in mind if you choose to bring your young baby. If you need childcare, bring your baby. We have a child care provider on staff. Small fee added per day.

Friday Four: Kids Coping With COVID and BLM

Before COVID, our boys had a pretty good schedule. They were well engaged. Appropriately exposed to technology and pretty balanced with homeschool work and foolery. COVID has caused havoc among homeschoolers of color too! Adding the trauma of being black …….this is a conversation that should have been on the table.

First, let’s clear up some stereotypes. Yes, all five of my sons play basketball. Yes, we love watermelon. Yes, we travel as a family, which includes their dad (some of the time). Yes, we read books. And yes, we are very black. Oh. we also homeschool and grow food in our back yard. There, that was easy.

Now here’s the problem, anti-black bigotry in America can take many forms, some overt, and some harder to measure. Today, I’m talking about microaggressions. Little to mid-size insidious moments that build up to bigger issues when not checked. When half of their world has been shut down, and the other half is trying to figure out how to COVID homeschool, so much is freshly illuminated with social media and our kids see it all! As many times as they choose to. And that adds to the problem.

When our children see and hear us adults experiencing racial discrimination not only do they have that mental anguish. Reports are coming through daily speaking on the secondhand exposure to racism, such as harassment of black men, killings of unarmed black men by police, can harm the mental health of black Americans.

If you reading this post is like me, raising black sons, know that they need to be confident in whom they are. There is a definite need to build them up now so they aren’t easily torn down by outside influences. I have my sons repeat affirmations in the morning. Nothing long and elaborate. Sometimes it’s as simple as, – “I affirm that I have been wired to move forward.” With all of the voices in the world that have the ability to affect our children’s perspectives and thoughts of themselves, it is important that we are intentional with this daily.  Our new normal may not look anything like pre-COVID. That goes for protesting too.

I’m one of those parents that have marched, protested, wrote letters, and even delivered messages directly to our representative on Capital Hill. Annnnnnnnnd I’m still not sure if it’s the most successful thing to do. Now that I have these boys and can’t place them all in one carrier, i have to figure out a way to allow them to protest safely. Meaning No Rioting in the streets. It’s just too dangerous!!

A Riot Is The Language Of The Unheard. – Dr. MLK Jr.

Riot- a violent disturbance of the peace by a crowd:/an impressively large or varied display of something.

Because I don’t want my children to participate in riots. I was pushed to help them discover other healthy ways to express themselves. So I helped them create their own t-shirt line. They did just about everything themselves. From selecting quotes from famous black men to finding the best platforms to sell them on. I figured if the external messages of hate, inferiority, and even no ambition can be widespread, why not share my babies shirts? They are sharing hope, empowerment, affirmations, and constant reminders of how great they are! ( Below is their slideshow. I have changed nothing. To order one go to Facebook- Click Here! )

Black Lives Matter is about the lack of consequences when black lives are taken by the hands of the police. Here are four more nuggets of fact for your Friday Muse:

  1. 84% of white murder victims are white
  2. Because of systematic racism, blacks have a higher poverty rate, suffer from poorly funded schools, and are more targeted by police.
  3. Black Americans are 2.5 times as likely as white Americans to be shot and killed by the police.
  4. Black men make up just 6% of the nation’s population.

So now. COVID is here. Everything is heightened across the board. Including our children need to be supported and constantly encouraged.