Courts Over- You Won! Now what?

Over the last twenty years, I have settle claims pretty well. I’ve settled with Campbell’s, Bi-Lo, the IRS, CiTiFinancial and one or two other insurance companies. I have a knack for defending myself with free, public information.  One of my biggest pet peeves is to be abused and do nothing about it. That includes my loved ones, especially the older ones! As they are victims of predatory loans.  Wrecked car 12

I know what you’re thinking “Why isn’t this chic a lawyer- right?”  Here’s my answer “it takes too long to get licensed and I forget too much information.” The law book for being a parent is at least 6 inches wide. Even now, as I prepare for court this week, I have already put in 4 hours for refreshing myself. And this is a simple property damage case! My mini van was hit and the insurance company went from total lost to $350 in damages. WRONG answer. With a witness in tow and pictures to back everything up…. I’ll just take the owner to court and let her deal with the insurance company.

This year, I’ve found myself on the plaintiff side again. It’s a property damage case and I’m sure that this one too will end in my favor. Because I’m sueing the car owner and not the insurance company, I have been studying how I will get paid. What I have learned so far (via  ) is that a money reward is just step 2.

Knowing that a court judgment is only an official note stating that a debt is owed, is what many people tend to forget. Courts are not concerned with the process of collecting, meaning the act of actually recovering and receiving the money is up to you.

You need to know that although courts can award damages and demand that companies or individuals pay you, they cannot compel the debtors to physically give you the money. Hundreds of judgments are awarded in court daily across the country, but statistics show that up to 80% of these judgments are never collected.  If you have been awarded a judgment, you have ten years to collect unless you apply to have the judgment renewed for another decade. Your judgment can collect interest, growing in size, however, the longer you wait, it is likely that it will be much more difficult to recover what is yours.

I can also:
1. Get an Earnings Withholding Order
2. Levy the judgment debtor’s property
3. Have the sheriff do a “till tap”
4. Put a “keeper” in their business
• File a Memorandum of Costs After Judgment
• Suspend the debtor’s driver’s license

• Renew the judgment

Something else you should know. When you hold a judgment against an individual, you can garnish his or her wages to collect your judgment. Many states limit the amount you can garnish from a debtor’s wages to 25 percent of the debtor’s paycheck. To garnish wages, you generally must schedule a hearing with the court and prove that the debtor owes you money and has failed to make payments. Similarly, you may also garnish the bank account of an individual or business debtor.

Hope this brightens your day! I know that I am ready for war! Knowledge does that……… Empowers you!

Not my type of car. But wanted to feel the sexy in this! Epic FAIL! Give me my mini van please!

Not my type of car. But wanted to feel the sexy in this! Epic FAIL! Give me my mini van please!

Get more tips here—> Click Here!<—-

Get Help From Legal Aid 

Do you know what ARBITRATION Court is?

Moms mechanics…. yes it could work!

What if you could save your car from becoming a swing to soon?

What if you could save your car from becoming a swing to soon?

Hey lady, I know you can put together a mean dinner, decorate a small space like no ones business, and even create the fliest outfit from the 2nd hand store, but can you change a tire? Let’s face it, being stranded by the side of the road with a dead vehicle will hit you like a block of bricks. Heaven forbid you have the children with you.The importance of a good auto repair mechanic takes on even  greater meaning. Without a doubt, finding a good auto repair mechanic should rank second in importance only to finding a good doctor.

“You’re never going to feel good about spending money on your car because it sucks,” Gilbank, owner of Ms Lube says. “But you can feel better.”

Research says:

DAKAR, Senegal — Fatou Sylla

Fatou Sylla

  • Women are quoted higher sums for the same service than men, says new research
  • Price disparity due to the assumption that women don’t know how much repairs cost
  • By bluffing your way through prices or showing some idea of costs, women are more likely to get a fair quote
  • women don’t jump from auto brand to brand. Women are more likely to be loyal to a brand than men,
  • They found that when women knew nothing about car repairs, it can be taken advantage of by opportunistic mechanics but when men knew nothing, mechanics often thought they were being tricked.

I have been fortunate to have my own mechanic for over 16 years. Since I met my mechanic, I have extended my salvaged title vehicle and saved good money. When I hear other women in distress, I really feel for them. I wish everyone cold have a peace of mind and not worry about extreme car expenses and greedy unethical mechanics.

Women should be envious for what counts. We need to outdo each other in fundamental life skills.-Lakesiha Perkins


Although an ASE report shows that the number of female auto technicians has increased over the past 12 years, some women find it hard to break down gender barriers in the workplace.

POW! I just love this image.

POW! I just love this image.

I have been talking to my mechanic for the longest on offering classes to women this summer. He’s an introvert, so it’s a hard sell, but I’m gonna stay on him.That way, he can help more women prioritize services and maintenance needs. He may even be essential in auction car buying and how to communicate with a mechanic to protect yourself.
As no one needs to feel that they are getting ripped off all the time.

Developing more confidence and knowledge about cars is easier than ever, thanks in part to the internet. “You can’t become a professional through Google, but you can better educate yourself,” Gilbank says.

Personally, I can’t think of any women that wants to change a tire but there is a pride that comes with knowing that if the need arises, she can do it. From checking oil levels to belts, changing air filters or cabin filters- all moms should have a working knowledge before needing one..

I’ll let ya’ll know how that goes. Till then, read your car manual, You Tube some videos and check out some books from your local library.Bottom line ladies, find a good auto repair mechanic before you need one!

Fix something,

QC Supermom

Wednesday Wow: The Car Auction

Okay, so I like cheap thrills. The other Saturday, my husband took me along with him to look for another vehicle at the Sheriff’s auction. I have never been to an auction before, with no surprise, I made sure to take in everything so that I can come back and tell you all about it.

My 1st time at the car auction. Come along!

My 1st time at the car auction. Come along!

Do your due diligence. Use an independent source to determine the wholesale and retail values of your target vehicle. The most frequently used sources for this are, DriverSideEdmunds,Kelly Blue BookClassic Car Trader and Nadaguides. Nadaguides is owned by the Automobile Dealers Associations so their pricing is always most favorable to the dealer – not the consumer.

 Upon arrival, I had to check in with my identification and application. They processed it, gave me a number(bidding card), a list of vehicles there, rules and a smile! Easy right?

Find out the market value for the car and don’t bid above this price.

These folks on the top level speaks so fast, and they know how to engage for a quick sale. It was a husband and wife team hosting this auction.

 Once on to the auction yard, we toured the listings. I learned that all auctions aren’t the same. Some will let you crank it up, while others will only let you look inside and out.  There were at least 15 vehicles including motor cars to snatch up! Our plan was pretty simple. See what they have to fit our needs and bid. We  already knew what we going to spend and what we were looking for.

  • find out as much as you can about the car’s history by checking the entry form attached to the windscreen
  • ask the auctioneer if you can have a trial period if you buy the car.

Because my husband is a mechanic and have been to auction before, we did have a slight advantage.  Then the bidding began. I didn’t realize how hypnotic it was! Be mindful with that bidder’s card, it is too easy to get caught up in bidding war.

Get an inspection done at the auction house, if it’s available. That’s a Buyer Protection Plan for major components. If there’s anything wrong, you can go into arbitration and the seller can lower the price or you can choose not to take the vehicle.

She bought this car for $2100

She bought this car for $2100

I seen the funniest bidding war EVER! Dude was bidding with his chin. I loved it! But did we buy anything?


Yes, they were auctioning this too. Roger said they can make money off the parts.

Yes, they were auctioning this too. Roger said they can make money off the parts.


OOoh, my husband wanted that sweet ride right there SOoooo bad!

OOoh, my husband wanted that sweet ride right there SOoooo bad!


 We were out bidded by another lady, or was it the guy with the turban on? Not sure but, Oh well, next time!

It was a great experience! Here are some more tips:

Is it wise to buy a car at auction?  

Rule #1 has to always be to be prepared to walk away and know your prices. I’ve seen people buy food items in an auction for MORE than they’d pay in a grocery store. Says, Uncle Sam! 

It is important that you know what type of used car auction you plan on attending, as there are auto auctions that require proof of a dealership license. Other Buyer Beware tips here

Auctions bring out diversity. EVERYONE likes to save money.

Auctions bring out diversity. EVERYONE likes to save money.

Chances are that if a vehicle has been traded in, leased, repossessed or totaled, it will find itself among the nearly 9 million vehicles that are purchased each year in an auto auction — either one that caters to dealers or one that’s open to the public.  Cars are also sent to auction when financial companies repossess them. They don’t repo unless the vehicle is worth about $5000 or more because it costs them that much to repo it, store it, file paperwork, pay someone to track it at auction, and loss they take at auction. –Edmunds


It is also important that you examine methods of payment accepted before you start bidding on a used car at a used car auto auction– WikiHow


As an auctioneer I can tell you from a lot of experience that everybody on this site should be looking for and attending local auctions. The people who make a living buy at our auctions and resaleing on ebay or other means is truly amazing. – Heather

(check out REPO Finder)


 *If all the dealers have dropped out – you’re fast approaching the ‘not a good deal’ range.

Stay away from salvage auctions if you’re looking for a primary car.

Till the next car auction, take car! QC Supermom

Wednesday Wow-Dear George, why?

(I previously published this but pulled it becuase the subject title was too strong. My sister called it “Wrong timing” with out reading it. Because I think this is a topic that is not addressed as much as it should be. I’ve changed the title. But the info is the same. So without any further delay, read it & let’s talk about it. )

I am so sad as I write this. I’m in such a place of disbelief.

georgehAs an adult you become somewhat numb to life events but what,better yet how are you suppose to react to the death of a dead beat father? How to you tell your child that the guy that gave your mom the sperm to help create you has transitioned?  Well, guess who has that honor of sharing the crappy news today?

My 1st child's father. George Conrad Harvin R.I.P. 5/19/13

My 1st child’s father.  R.I.P. 5/19/13


In my mind the two of them would get to a point where they would create a desirable relationship beyond ” Hello, what’s up and I heard that_____. or guess what, you have another sibling.”  As a young mom I told myself that I would prove to him that he made a mistake in not getting to know his son. He told me that he and his father had a awful relationship, I really hoped that he and my sons would be better. In spite of the money, our son would benefit greater from getting to know him. I did it. Thanks to my dad, his coaches, and my husband, so far he is doing well, but to tell you the truth, I have never felt so simple in my life. There was no point in thinking that way. I would rather he be alive and watch it for himself without any underlying agenda to throw it in his face. Because he wasn’t a mean guy. Just missing in action. Well, no need in delaying the inevitable, time to tell my son the news. Talk to you later.

You made me laugh.

We got pregnant,

then you

You made me cry,

because you walked away.

I laughed when he was born.

Laughed even louder after his succesful second year of college.

I smiled when he said the two of you talked yesterday.

Today, I cry when I heard that you died last night.

RIP- George

Thank you for my son,

Your 2nd baby mama, Kelle  

Absent dads, it is time to step up and be a active dad. Call your children and tell them sorry for being missing in action. Then actually stay around and be a positive force in their life. No one is promised tomorrow. -QC Supermom

Earth Day 2013:Seeing more!

Saturday was Earth Day! I got up as usual, but instead of the normal going and being busy, I chose to see things differently. Since we took advantage of a gardening class at Home Depot, I figured it was enough acknowledgement for Earth Day.DIGITAL CAMERA

I figured I would surly take a mental break. To my surprise, Charlotte NC is loaded with amazing people, doing amazing things on this Earth. I was able to catch some on camera.

DIGITAL CAMERAClean up was going on on West Blvd. It’s by far one of the roughest streets in the Queen City, but it got done by volunteers!I was happy to see that someone cared enough to be there

DIGITAL CAMERAAs we continued, we got down town. There were so many protesters there. Everyone has a mind and boy were they there sharing them. I seen everything from population control via food poisoning to gay rights protested.

DIGITAL CAMERAFinally we arrived at the Westin hotel, downtown Charlotte. Can you believe this lady had two tiny puppies inside that stroller? Oh my! The bell hop said, “Hi tiny friends!” The dog owners smiled from ear to ear.

DIGITAL CAMERAThis was my lunch. I needed all the energy I could find. I didn’t even have a clue as to how busy the next couple of days would be for us. I picked this up from the Healthly Home Market  on East Blvd. It was really weird eating an entire meal with anyone asking, pulling on, yelling at, or touching me….Oh yes, there is a GOD!……and he loves me! 🙂 DIGITAL CAMERAOk, so I was staring-sue me. But this lady caught my attention. Sure, it was none of my business but obviously she had surgery to  lose ALOT of weight. Her body had collection points where the weight sat at. It almost looked like her body was a collection of balloons made with sand. Bless her heart for trying to get her health together.DIGITAL CAMERACan you read this graffiti? I won’t tell you what it said, But I was surprised to see it on Freedom Drive.DIGITAL CAMERASo why did I observe these odd things? It’s because of those papers up there? All types of sales advertisements for legal help. We got hit the other day in the mini van. We were on our way to our weekly Cooking With Kids Class when this lady hit us. We, 6 of the kids & myself are healing, but we are happy to still be walking this Earth and being able to see things differently than before. Life, and Earth is amazing! I’m so happy that we are able to see more of it.How was your Earth day?ed