Wednesday WoW! Are Those birds chirping in my ear?

Goodbye ole man winter, with your bitter winds and mounds of snow, and hello young-óne spring.

How incredible our God is.

How incredible our Creator is.

star love

Spring, marks the beginning of warmer weather and longer daylight hours, the blooming of flowers and the budding of leaves. Yes!

So what do a large homeschooling family like mine do a the very 1st day of spring in the south? We dress our dog, look for worms, plant certified GMO FREE seeds, start gathering things inside of the house to give away to a local non profit thrift store, figuring out when we’ll go to Virgina to pick our oldest son up from college and who high school graduation we’ll be attending.(if any at all)jervon girl friend

Yup, he’s that tall. I should mention that it’s my husbands favorite time of year. He calls me a clutter-er. (Go figure!)

Now who is afraid of Monsanto? Not us!

Now who is afraid of Monsanto? Not us!

We give and get from the 501c3 thrift stores.

We give and get from the 501c3 thrift stores.

Plant just about all of these now.

Plant just about all of these now.

This year we’re adding something else to the list. We’re going to see Disney Jr. Live Pirates and Princess Adventure LIVE! What better way to get excited about spring huh?!

Get your tickets here for the live show on the 20th!

Get your tickets here for the live show on the 20th!

Now that the winter weather was broke, get outside and look for adventurous signs of spring! 

Have a fun day, we are!

QC Supermom green wig

The unforgivable purchase!

I bought my very first industrial stapler! …..and I liked it!

stapler My U.S. Veteran husband is so traditional in many ways. I guess he was trained to be as such. Most times it’s okay. But it can play itself out quickly when I need things done asap! I can recall many days when the idea of going in a store to make such a “manly” purchase would overwhelm me. The idea would have to exist stage left and I would either find the wanted item in the store or nag  remind him till he made it for me.

I guess lately I’ve been smelling myself, as the elders would say. I felt so “confident” while shopping today. I couldn’t get home fast enough to show my husband. I thought I knew what he would say. Instead I was pleasantly surprised. Not one time did he ask me what would I do if I were to break a nail while using it.” Not a single word did he muster.

I’m not 100 % sure how he feels about it, but I’m so happy I purchased it! There is so much more to look forward to. I’m thinking about the numerous projects I refused my children. I let fear of the unknown and $2,00 hold me back for years! Boy do I have a lot to catch up on! I may need a new blog for it all!

My message for YOU… the wife. mom, baby mam.etc.,If you want something done; get up and do it yourself. At least make an attempt. You never know how it will turn out.Sometimes the key to getting support, ideas, strengthen and maybe even know how is getting up and making small moves!  Play damsel n distress later!

(I already fixed my sagging car roof cover.- It was so much fun! Pallet bench next!)

“Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you’re climbing it.”Andy Rooney

Empower yourself,

~QC Supermom

Home Depot Birthday Party for Amen

The 1st Saturdays of each month at Home Depot are loud and busy! Kids and their parents line the floor hammering and gluing away. Last Saturday, February 1st 2014, we threw in another 12 kids in their pj’s to add to the anticipating fun as we celebrated Amen’s 5th birthday at University Charlotte Home Depot. And boy did we have a BLAST at “Amen’s Racing into 5” at birthday party!!

I don’t think I will ever get tired of seeing a smile on children face. This party had everyone feeling special.Talk about a twofer!

I gotta say, I was very impressed with EVERYTHING! University Home Depot has all the moms in Charlotte and beyond buzzing about their spiffy washer/dryer combos,cute vacuums, easy to use paint brushes, diverse doors, padded hammers and other items our children located during their scavenger 3 (2) Here is what they are saying:

“Awesome idea for the Bday location! One of my favorite stores!!! And the lessons/workshops are sweet!” amenl

amen kingston“I didn’t know they sold washer and dryers.”

“They have Kid Workshops EVERY 1st Saturday?”

“So when is the next Her Workshop?”

“They have official cupcakes? ” (I think that was more of a joke. )

“Race car building, scavenger hunt and pin the nail on the hammer birthday Party, how creative!”

So there you have it. Saturday was a success! Amen celebrated his 5th birthday in a very non traditional way. There was laughter, play, but also learning. We included intellectual stimulation, motor skills, discoveries and a little gmo free treats! It also allowed moms an opportunity to see what the store had to offer besides lumber, paint and nails. What more could you ask for?

amen j1

Smart Party’s are here to stay! 🙂                      I knocked 3 birds out with one stone. My son was elated! The attending moms and their children were in awe of the activities and decor. Last but not least, it was an impressive day for our generous host, Home Depot!

Always, looking to engage, educate & empower; QC Supermom     

An Idle Mind is the Devils Workshop: A Teens Guide to Summer #1

You’ve heard that saying before right?  An idle mind is the devils workshop. Or maybe you’ve heard it like this: The idle bodie and the idle braine is the shoppe [workshop] of the deuill, or even, “Tell him to be [a] good boy and study hard.It  all boils down to this, unless you want brain drain and a whole in your wall, find something for your child to do.

                   But what to do with your teens during the summer when school is out?


If your mind isn’t occupied with positive things you will think up trouble and get into it. You need to find something productive to do before you cause problems for yourself.- QC Supermom

Part I- -part II will be in Wednesdays wow! This series is gonna bless somebody. It’s just that good.

It is very difficult to keep your mind off of negatives when you have a lot of time to think; and nothing productive to think about. Previously I shared some great summer tips for preschoolers. Then my teens reminded me that they too deserved a blog of ideas for them to consider. So here we go. A list of geared to keep teenagers busy this summer. Most of these maybe kick started by the help of family & friends. Everyone knows somebody, right?!


The Big Sister

The Big Sister

Babysitters are paid well for their time. I have friends in Charlotte who pay their babysitters $12-$15 an hour. You could even barter your pay. Payment varies depending on the sitter’s age, kids age, duration and activities. (Being CPR certified will get you even more pay)

Car Wash attendant

Fast cash and a great workout! The common wet down on a hot day will be an extra perk! What else can I say?

Pet Walker

You don’t have to be a dog whisper to do this. Just walk the dog.I have an older friend . She has a tiny, playful dog. They walk to the mailbox together most days, but guess who can make that money on the days she’s not feeling well?  YOU! Why stop there? Go a step further. Offer to wash & dress the pet for a couple of dollars more.

Personal Assistant

I’m sure that you know some moms that are totally stretched out.(                     ) They need more hours in a day. What if you can make their day easier and get paid? Grocery, crafts, clothes, travel, even  entertainment shop for moms,and their busy families.The more options the better. Just always look for deals, frills, bells and whistles to add value to your offerings. Think perceived value!

Salon Helper  summer

Sweep, get refreshments, sell perfume, necklaces, etc. Be the person they look for for those extras just before heading out for the night! Keyword is convenience, available and adorable! (Soon you maybe able to sell on Esty with your own  signature line)

Restaurant Wait Staff

Although you’ll be on your feet for the entire shift, you’ll also learn about serving, effective communication skills and the value of a great smile. Why? Because most of your money will come from customer tips.

Camp Counselor

If you love the outdoors and don’t mind being away from home, camp counseling is a great way to enjoy the summer and make new friends. With all the socializing and activities, it’s practically as fun as being a camper. Plus, the time away from home is great prep for college life. If you are a good leader this may be for you.

“While some of your friends may be logging major couch time in front of the TV, getting nowhere, you may very well find yourself updating your resume, figuring out ways to save the Earth, or brainstorming about business ideas with other friends who, like you who don’t parents want to see a devils workshop in their house. ”- QC Supermom

Park Employee

Check out the job opportunities at state and national parks. There’s a wide range of work to be done, from guest services to concessions to getting down and dirty in the wilderness. You’ll get to work in a beautiful environment and learn about local ecology.


We found Elmo at the Herbalife party!!!

We found Elmo at the party!!!

Who said that jobs need to pay in cash? Volunteer work can give you something many paying jobs can’t: that warm fuzzy feeling.  This is an excellent  way to perk up your resume and college applications. And at the end of the day,you may have learned a new skill.

So find a way to stay busy. Be productive. Keep your mind occupied. More tips in Wednesdays post. Share it!

Till be next big question, take care!

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